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JRCO Soft plug aerator


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LawnSite Silver Member
my walkbehind bluebird aerater i bought this year. I only wish the jrco pull enough cores because i could aerate a lawn in half the time using a walkbehinf comerical mower rather than a 19 incher bulky aerater.

gene gls

LawnSite Gold Member
lawnnut: I bought one last month. I think its pretty slick. Used it on my lawn for pratice. You can go like hell with it, doesn't leave a bunch of plugs all over and if you want a lot of holes just go over the area a couple of times. I didn't hit any rocks or catch any roots so I don't know easy it is to break a tine. The unit is very heavy compared to its looks.I got the electric lift so I can raise or lower the unit as need be.


LawnSite Senior Member
Northern NJ
I looked on the web to find the JRCO aerator, but could only find the dethatcher. What was the cost of the aerator? The dethatcher was selling for about $430 for a 42&quot; on a walk behind.


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
Gene, I know you have a Walker, did you mount it to this unit? <br>Also what type of soil are you dealing with? I am in hard heavy clay and I am not sure if this thing would work when it is dry. Come to think of it I don't know if it would work when its wet either.<br>What did you pay is the other question? Thanks