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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnnut, Jul 16, 2000.

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    i emailed jrco about puting one of there aeraters on my gravely 36 walkbehind and this is what they said.<p><br>Evan: The JRCO Hooker Aerator cannot be used on any 36-inch walk-behindmower. We don't recommend it for anything smaller than a 48-inch width and<br>then only if a hydro. Most of our aerators are sold for zero-turn riding<br>mowers. The electric lift model retails at $1499.00 + $80.00 for the<br>mounting bar package. Please let me know if you have any other questions.<br>Rita Smith, JRCO Sales<p>
  2. Hey Cantoo,<p>Post some pics of the home made brinley hardy<br>you have mounted to a ZTR.<p>Maybe Evan can fabricate one.<p>BTW my $40 Dedoes golf course aerator sulky has been breakin tines. They are old and brittle.<br>I found a supply of new 3/4&quot; tines on the net for $3.40@ and there are 180 of them.<p>It will take 2+ days to replace them for I have to take the whole thing apart.<p>See there is no such thing as a free lunch.
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    Lawrence, I haven't got any pics of the Yazoo/ brinley aerator anymore. I have it taken off right now for fertilizer spreading but will put it back on soon for Fall plugging. I will get some pics then. It is a pretty simple setup, I just bolted some arms from the mower lifting points to the brinley aerator. To turn at the end of a run it lifts by stepping on the lever to lift the deck. If I want more plugs pulled I just run the opposite way, ground speed is around 6mph for plugging so it doesn't take long. I can add weights onto the rack if I need it. Right now I am modifying a Smithco 3 wheeled sand rake into a drag for doing the stone dust infields on ball diamonds. It will have a folding 8' wide steel bar for levelling on the front and 10' of folding brooms on the back to smooth it. I do two different fields that are a few blocks apart so the 30mph higway speed will save loading it. I will also add a tool bar to the front of it so the electric fertilizer spreader and aerator will fit onto it too. The yazoo is too damn bumpy, the atv tires should make for a nicer ride.
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    mow ed: I have the JRCO units mounted on my 48&quot; deck. Evan 528 listed the price. My dealer instaled the hook-up.He used a trailer plug in for the wiring because I switch decks.I also remove the mounting bar when just mowing, its in the way of every thing. I don't forsee my self doing areating and mowing at the same time. I am going to use it at my comm account on Sunday.There is one back area thats very hard, I'll let you know how it works on dry ground.<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: gene gls
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    Gene,<br>What happened on Sunday?
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    mow ed: I spent most of the weekend doing bark mulch.The company has visitors coming from France this week and wanted the front freshend up. I'll let you know how it works when I use it.Its going to rain the rest of the week so I will be behind on mowing this week again.
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    Sorry to be a pain Gene but did you use the aerator yet. I'm getting close to pluggin season and want to make a decision soon. Thanks.

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