JRCO Spreaders?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mcambrose, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. mcambrose

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    Has anyone had experience with JRCO fertilizer spreaders. I was thinking of replacing the unit I have. The JRCO has a foot pedal for open/close and a special digital device that slows the motor without lowering the voltage like a rheostat does. My current model has the rheostat, so it doesn't have much torque at lower speeds. The JRCO also has an optional deflector to keep the fertilizer out of beds and the street.
  2. BobR

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    Have had one for going on three years (no side deflector) and havnt used the Gandy drop spreader or the Earthway SS2400 since its purchase (well almost) I have a couple of small lawns where the Earthway works the best. For large properties the JRCO just cant be beat, a bit pricy but no more red face and pounding chest from pushing the Earthway thank you.
  3. KLMlawn

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    I have a Spyker, which I believe overall is basically the same as the JRCO in it functionallity. It is great for large areas. Although calibration can sometimes tend to be a bit difficult and involved to be accurate (if you follow the manufactures procedure and use their collection attachment) it definately saves time and sweat!
    There are still those smaller properties that you really just need to break down and accept that a w/b spreader would just be best.

  4. TLS

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    Are those white springs under your casters? Or are they just spacers?
  5. He put them on for some suspention.

    Last time he posted that pic someone asked the same question.
  6. KLMlawn

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    TLS, Yes, they are springs to help take some of the additional stress and weight from being directly transferred to the castor mounts and frame, as well as make the ride a bit smoother. They are quite firm, so unless the terrain is very bumpy, it doesn't change the deck height when cutting. I usually cut all my customers at the same height for whatever time of year it is, so I just make the adjustments when changing the blades... most times it is about 3"-3 1/4". I now have a 3 gallon PG spray tank mounted opposite the fuel take on the left side of the machine, and two pieces of flat stock with the Tee-Jet nozzels mounted thru them which are welded to the insides of the two front castors.
    Basically I have created a homemade Z-Spray using similar parts from various places and a machine I already had and saved $4000 or more in the process.
  7. rob1325

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    Thats a pretty cool set up. Do you wash machine daily when you use it and do you find it eating up the machine?
  8. Quail Creek LC

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    from IOWA
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    How much do these unit cost? They dont list prices for the jrco or the spyker. Thanks guys.
  9. KLMlawn

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    Quail Creek, The Spyker cost about $750 it is Stainless Steel Frame and gate/Poly Hopper ... I believe the JRCO is similar construction and costs about $1000.
  10. BobR

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    Quail Creek LC - If memory serves correctly I think I paid $800 for the spreader (stainless frame, cast housing, aluminum spinner, poly hopper & wiring harness) I already had the mounting bar (tine rake) but I think that that item was about $85. Now that was about three years ago so KLMlawn is probably right. Send some e-mail to JRCO they will post a product package which includes a price list.
    Good Luck

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