JRCO thatcher on tiger cub? HELP!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SeacoastDesignsL&L, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. SeacoastDesignsL&L

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    I just bought a new scag tiger cub and want to put my jrco thatcher on it instead of the walkbehind. The dealership told me it would work and the bracket I have for the walkbehind would fit on the z. Well I cant figure out how it mounts, no matter what it seems like the castes are always going to hit. Pics or how it installs would be a great help. Thanks :dizzy:
  2. Runner

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    There ARE diffferent lengths of the tubes that are on the frount mounts. What casters is it hitting on? The deck casters, or the front mower casters? Do your mower casters come out of the front and go outward diagonally? If they do, and the mount is hitting on your large mower casters, you may just have to re-drill some hole closer in so you can mount the bar farther back. If the mount is hitting on the deck casters, is your bar long enough to put out to the front farther (if you can redrill out toward the ends farther)? If the center front casters of your deck are hitting on the bar when you raise the deck, then just raise the two center vertical rails on the JRCO mount. I hope this helps. If by chance you DO need a longer bar, I would just weld a little square tubing on each end (whatever size that is), and grind it rather smooth. I hope this helps.
  3. SeacoastDesignsL&L

    SeacoastDesignsL&L LawnSite Member
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    the bar is hitting on the two front wheels and no matter how much I move it from fromnt to bsck it still hits.
  4. SeacoastDesignsL&L

    SeacoastDesignsL&L LawnSite Member
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    I need some pics
  5. Edgewater

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    Mount the bar across the top of the frame, right behing the caster bearings. Sometimes you have to ad a spacer between the mount and the brackets that are adjustable up and down so that when your casters flip around in reverse, they won't hit the tine. Set it so the are 1/4 inch off the groung on pavement and you are done.

    Any more questions, just ask.
  6. stumper1620

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    I just finished installing mine on my JD, they have a rectangular tube that is a spacer to move the mounting forward, I'll go snap a picture & post it if i can.
  7. John Gamba

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    from ct
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    Email bill at Jarco and he will tell you if you need the extentions like i have on the lazer in the pic.


  8. Stihl036pro

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    Hey Seacoast, take a wild guess who this is! I still dont know what thatcher to go with weather it may be jrco or a gas power thatcher. Im concernd about the jrco lasting a long time since it will be on the front of the mower. My experience is that anything attached to the front of the mower is going to beat up especially if you are going to have employes using the piece of the equipment. For all you Jrco users how is that thatcher built. Will it with stand a lot of use?
  9. johnnyusa

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    John , Ive always put my mountng bracket for jrco on top , i see your is clamped underneath. Is that correct? Or is there a difference?
  10. stumper1620

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    mine is underneath on my JD too, instuctions say the top of the bar should be at least 13" off the ground and the bracket 9 1/2" and the front rake top rail 9 1/2", i tried posting a pic, but I'm a little new to that and it wouldn't work for me.

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