jrco tine rake dethatcher - effective?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by RonWin, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. RonWin

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    Just ordered the tine rake for the scag wb, was wondering how effective the tine rake 38" is as a dethatcher. Im guessing that nothing is better than hand raking, however, does this tine rake get the job done and satisfy? I am also looking into getting the tow-behind aerator for the snapper Z, thoughts were to dethatch then aerate. Anyone have any experience with these jrco products or any advise with my brainstormed spring clean up plan? I know im going to have to pick up the big sticks and branches but im hoping that the rest will be tined up/mowed up/ and then aerated.

    If worse came to worse i would get outa the walk behind billy goat 13hp blower and blow the leaves/sticks/whatever into a pile at one end of the property.
  2. hylinegreen

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    There great, one of the best purchases I've made
  3. Kelly's Landscaping

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    It's a tool that has it place. You have a thick healthy turf lawn thats dry with good roots this tool is great. We use the 60 inch one with a lazer and a trac vac so we rake mow and vac in one shot. You still got to blow off the lawn but the bulk is removed in that step and all the matted grass and leaves that are stuck gets freed up. Its very quick and very effective on lawns like that. Now last year the lawns were extremely wet and it was useless for the majority of our clean ups. You put that on a weak lawn with bad roots and it will peal up the lawn and rip it to shreds. It's your job to know when you can and can not use your tools. That said its rather cheap and not a big investment and it lasts years I think we are going into our 10th and are going to be putting in the first money ever for a few repairs i.e broken tines and a bent caster wheel.
  4. Smallaxe

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    At some point we might want to rethink the outmoded idea of removing organic material from turf... cycling it into the soil adds so much value as to benefit your clients all the way around...
  5. Exact Rototilling

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    Totally agree :)

    Problem is the customer wants this done, it NEEDS to be done, they will get out there with a THATCH rake and tug and pull with a bad shoulder arthritic elbows to get it done. It becomes an OCD thing of sort.

    I'm promoting a package deal this season that includes a lower mowing 1.75" - 2" and a light spring time power rake to remove the loose stuff with minimal haul off.

    Less of a BAD THING is the new good.
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  6. TPCLandscaping

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    only so much of the organic material can be broken down in a year...eventually you get too much build up then it starts choking out the stem of the plant.
    I believe in a once a year de-thatching to loosen up the soil and make room for new organic material to feed the lawn.
  7. Exact Rototilling

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    I'm assuming your are collecting the dried dormant grass after raking...?
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  8. Exact Rototilling

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    Are you doing lower than normal Spring mowings...?

    If yes how low and do you remove the organic material...?

    This last weekend I did some test strips of low mowings vs lawn debris combing too see how the results compare later this Spring.

    Another area of the lawn is being saved for my normal mowing height of 3.5" with no attempts of low mowing or raking.

    Also will test the "SAY NO TO LOW MOW" test areas with different fert to test "push the dormant grass out effect"

    Grass was pretty much at 4.0" over winter.

    Yes I'm prone to OCD behavior :D Still trying to figure out how to make that sound appealing from a marketing perspective.
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  9. Exact Rototilling

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    Just for the record last years low mow strips greened up much faster than the spring tine lawn combing test areas. Fwiw.

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  10. TPCLandscaping

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    we run the baggers while raking then run over the lawn a second time without the rack to pick up as much of the thatch as possible.

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