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JRCO transporter


LawnSite Member
Has anyone ever used this. I am thinking of getting it to put on my walkbehind so I could carry around my blower, trimmer etc. (I don't have a trailer) I have a neighborhood business but it is pretty big. Any other suggestions for transporting my trimmer and blower gas tank, etc. from house to house?

Orkin Yards

LawnSite Senior Member
Jackson, MS
I'm interested in hearing about your business. Please email me at jeffrey@tedorkin.com and tell me a lil' bit about it. I started out pulling my stuff around behind a mower w/ a utility trailer. Personally i don't think that the JRCO thing would be the best, there is something that i saw in a magazine that is made for holding a trimmer on your mower, its kinda like a trimmer trap but its made just for the mower, i'll find it and get back w/ you on it<br>please email me and tell me bout your buiz though (age, equipment, num yards) i'm only 16 and i'm pretty new at this but pretty professional also<br>Orkin Yards


LawnSite Member
Hey, Orkin Yards<p>I'm almost 16 years old, I have about 20 lawns this year. This is my first year with a really large number of customers and a good mower. I am going to buy an Exmark hydro walkbehind. I AM having problems with the idea of how to transport my equiptment, so could you please tell me about that thing you were talking about that attaches to the mower. I'll write your e-mail address as soon as I get time. I am very busy lately. 1000 things to do it seems!!!!!!!!!!! My email address is: djwaye@msn.com<br>Email me. <br>Thanks