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Was curious is anybody has any experience with the line of attachments made by JRCO?<br>I'm very interested in the dethatcher, aerator, and spreader that mount on front of a ztr. Also wondering if I do buy the dethatcher should I get the 46&quot; or 60&quot; model. It will be put on a Lazer Z with a 52&quot; deck. I'm thinking that the 46&quot; would be better for trimming closer to obstacles, and mowing overlap should make up the 6 inch difference.<br>Thank you in advance for any input.


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N.E. Wisconsin
When I started my service 5 yrs ago I started with a Toro garden tractor and used a $70.00 tow behind dethatcher with 2 bricks on it for weight. Effective but slow and hard on the back.<br>My second year I bought a JRCO front mount dethatcher that I planned on using (and did once)until I smoked the trans on the tractor and learned the hard way that you must use commercial equipment.<br>Toros supplier for these dethatchers is JRCO and I am looking at the picture and comparing it to the ones that are sold in Landscapers supply and they are the same except for the mount to the mower. It is a good piece of equipment but I cant use it with my Walker mower so I have a $370.00 investment sitting in my attic. If you are interested e-mail me direct Im in NE Wisconsin balc@gbonline.com. ed


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Hi Jason, I have the jrco aerator, It mounts<br>really quickly with two clevis pins and plug in the electric lift and drop motor and your off and plugging. You'll be able to aerate while you mow with just a slight reduction in<br>speed...Brian<p>----------<br>Valhalla lawn and pool<br>


Springfield, IL
I was wondering if that Jrco aerator is a good piece of equipment. It looks like it wouldn't last through the season. I'm wondering if my perceptions are off. The convenience would be there, for sure, I just wonder if the unit quality and the quality of the job are comparable to that of a conventional aerator. <p>I would love to be able to mow and aerate at the same time, for obvious reasons, but don't want to be stuck with an expensive book end. What do you guys who run them think? Also how long has it held up without repair?<p>John


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Ed,<p>I was just at the New England Grows show here in Boston, Massachusetts and I was talking with the JRCO rep, as well as my Walker Dealer. They both stated that the JRCO dethatcher would mount onto a Walker mower.<p>The Walker dealer did state that he would recommend the Walker dethatcher over the JRCO (this Walker dealer also sells JRCO equipment) due to the fact that the Walker's just clips on where as to use the JRCO, one would actually have to install a mounting bracket. <br>


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Guys,<p>There was an earlier thread on this. The Jrco aerator does not hold up like a regular aerator. (Millcreek, Lesco, etc.)<p>I wanted to buy one last spring, my dealer wouldn't sell it to me. Said he had too many problems with them and didn't want to deal with another. Anyway I talked to 4 different guys who have them: The guys that aerate a lot of lawns had them fall apart constantly. The guys that used them infrequently loved them.<p>They did change them slightly for 2000, but they are not for constant use.