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    I started out when i was 13 with a snapper push mower. i was trying to save up for a new dirtbike. I started with one lawn on my block. After that first year i got a few new yards and bought that dirt bike and a blower and trimmer. next year i got some more yard and bought a tractor by the end of that year i sold the tractor and bought a 32" exmark. next 2 years i just keep goin gained accounts here and there and started doin clean ups and hiring a few friends to help. This past year i got my licence and bought myself a f250 and used my old 5x8 motorcycle traler to haul my machine now its the end of the season and i still cant belive that now i have 20 some accounts and accumlated all these machines. i can hardly wait till next season. I plan on goin to collage for landscape arcitecture.
    i just wanna say how great this site is and hope every one enjoys the holidays.

    P.S. I know i cant spell. haha:hammerhead:

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