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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. bobbygedd

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    i do him and his neighbors on wednesdays. i went to do his, there was granular weed killer on the front lawn, looks like he dumped half the bag on it. in the back, the dog was running free and there was no one home to put him away. i did'nt cut the front, cus i'm not ready to die from pesticide exposure. i didn't cut the back, cus the dog bites, and if he bites me i'll weedwack his ears off. he calls today(saturday) moaning about why wasn't it cut? and i need you TODAY, cus i'm having company tommorow. i explained that we come to his town on wednesdays, and i'll be back again next wednesday. he didn't like the fact that i didn't return thurs or friday, and that i would not go today. to return to his area would have been 30 min drive time alone. would you have gone back? was i right? wrong?
  2. Woody82986

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    It was his problem to fix but I would have called him Wednesday night and explained to him why his lawn wasn't cut. I would have called him. Did you talk to him about the dog being tied up or put in the house while you were on property before you set up an agreement to mow his lawn regularly? Any cleint with a free ranging animal in any part of the lawn needs to either be there to put them up when I get there without me having to waste time telling them to, or they need to already have put them up before I get there. If you havent talked to him about that yet, I would have the discussion soon.
  3. EagleLandscape

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    You werent wrong if you explained to him about the pesticide, and how his dog needs to be put up. Make sure he realizes it would have bveen a health hazard to you to mow over the chems.
  4. Avery

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    I would have left a card with a note explaining the problems and stating that I would be back next week.
  5. Acute Cut

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    Actually bobby, and i cant believe i am going to say this, i cant see a whole lot of fault in what you did. I think the other suggestions here are very good and you may want to give them some thought in the future, but overall you cant do what you cant do. Communication with your customers is essential, but over time they should know this stuff too.
  6. Expert Lawns

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    When this sort of thing happens to me, I always call and leave a message on their machine. This way, if they get home and I'm still in the area I can swing by and it won't be out of my way.
  7. rodfather

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    I would have gone back if (a) I had nothing else to do today, and (b) he made it financially worthwhile to me...other that that, nope.
  8. EastProLawn

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    Bobby, you did the right thing, I probably would have left a note or called him, but I know that's not your style, in the end you still did the right thing.
  9. nriddle77

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    I would have called him or left a note. I don't think you should make a 30 minute drive to his house to fix his mistake.
  10. GeeVee

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    I would not make a special trip.

    Whats the point of setting routes?

    Had a client whose son rolled into town for ten days with a motorcoach. Parked it on the turf area in the front yard.

    The boys mowed up to a point "near" it, and moved on two cuttings in a row.

    Client called the minute he had left and wanted the crew to come immediately. "It looks bad."

    I declined their request on principal. But I did send over a 100' 12/2 gauge extension cord with the boys the following week on the regularly scheduled visit, unannounced.

    For a 40 dollar extension cord, the client begged me to take on their office complex, the two men handling their account sat in the "sweat section" at a NBA game and took their wives to dinner at a fine rest. in town.

    My son still handles their work, and they appreciated my intuitiveness, many times since.

    (the son is a moron conspicuous consumer)

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