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july pics

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here is some after pics of phase 2 at the hudson river park. the sod was installed today. it was a very hot day here in ny. the river park opened monday and their has been many people visiting the park.

Sky Cloud Infrastructure Road surface Asphalt
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here is some pics of the sod company laying sod. they were using a big machine to roll out the sod. they used big rolls to reduce the number of seams. we were there checking the system, raising heads, checking coverage...

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more pics of sod.

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this is a pic of our company testing the irrigation system before the sod is laid. this assures us that the system worked 'before' the sod was installed. this is a public place and vandalism and/or accidental damage is the norm at these places.

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remember this home?

this is the 'before' pic.

Sky Cloud Property Building Plant
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this was taken about 1 week after the sod was installed. looks good, huh?:D

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pics of the sprinkler system in action. hunter i-20 plastic rotors cover the turf area. netafim drip irrigation in planting areas. hunter pro spray mists in small turf areas and ground cover areas.

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here is a pic of the neighbor's home from the last pic...we installed this system last season...this home is around 12,000 sq ft!!! check it out!

Sky Plant Building Property Tree
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here is a closer look at the home...the fountain was installed last week.

Plant Sky Building Property Window
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Great pictures greenworldh20!!!

Thanks for sharing them!
Is that Tony Montana's house??!!! Great pics..
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