Jumping in with both feet?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by syzer, Feb 8, 2001.

  1. syzer

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    I have some issues that will be appearing soon at my work place. They are changing some things around that will be totally screwing me in more ways then one. They have already done and put some things on me I don't like, but I like the job and have good supervisors so never really fuss much. This newest change I cant deal with and should be in effect (if it does go in effect) maybe in March.
    My question to you guys is this, I as all of you have many bills, mortgage, loans, and some little odds and end I of course have to pay. If they make this change I was planning on telling them I will be giving my two weeks and calling it quits. My bro and I have just started our business last year, and though I didn't expect it we have picked up 5 accounts.
    Now I know this would be a gamble but should I go through with my plans and give them my two weeks when they make me aware of the change? Is this something that I could make work? I have no idea how fast I will be able to pick up jobs in the spring, but I dint think it will be very difficult.
    I just don't want to jump ship and drown. What would you guys do?

    Thanks for the advice,

  2. Runner

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    How long have you been with this company? Does it provide medical? What kind of changes are you talking about? If you have a good steady income, and you're just starting your business out, stay with it the job until you know you're well established enough to break off. You also have to be realistically well disciplined at budgeting and saving for the winter months AND taxes at that time.
  3. SodFather

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    I myself faced this problem a few years back and the way I made it work was to do both. Get the business started up and when you have enough accounts then jump ship at your job. One question to ask is how many accounts do you need to pay the bills?? Another BIG question is if the business fails and you left your job how will the bills get paid. I know how you feel but try and stick the other job out until you get everything up and running and then you can tell your boss goodbye. Good Luck.
  4. awm

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    Runner made some excellent points.
    Can you make it . Yes if you got it in ya.
    Only you know that.YOULL BE ALRIGHT
  5. Island Lawn

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    I got out from under a satan/boss last year
    Genuine bad person
    I took a lot of hot pitchforks to the ass before I walked out.
    Looking back, I should have done it sooner!
    Better late than never.

    Sounds like you got desire too...
  6. moonarrow

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    Syzer, I know how you feel,I had a similar incident happen, and could not stand staying there any longer. I went out bought the equipement, gave a two week notice, and bailed out. The first year was a little tough but did get the bills payed, not much left to play with though. the second year my company more than doubled. And this year it is still growing considerably. The main thing for me is that I have been much happier since I bailed the other job. Good luck on your decision
  7. syzer

    syzer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have been with the company since October 98, make decent pay. I drive to and from work with my bro and this is where I get screwed up. I was taken off the street for dispatch and he is still on the street. The street guys are going to be 4 10 hours days with a 5 day weekend every third week. I think cool, I can do the same sched and since I make the schedule up I can synch the weekends off and we can still ride together.
    However there is one boss who doesn't like the idea of me having off every other weekend for 5 days since I alternate schedules with only one other dispatch. I have a legit gripe, and I believe the project manager and other sup are with me though they wont oppose the other sup. I snuck a peek at this sched he is trying so hard to justify today and he has me one week at 5 9 hour days and the next at 4 7 hour days and one 9. Then I hear that we will be going on salary forcing me to work 82 hours every two weeks and not even getting the two hours paid OT. This is total bs among other things they have me slaving over that I shouldn't. My biggest concern would be budgeting for the winter. I'm not to sure what I should do. Thanks for all the advice, I know it will be tough in the beginning should I choose this path. I just want to know how possible it is to make it.

  8. moonarrow

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    get as many of your customers to pay you on a twelve month pay schedule even if they don't want winter service, just divide the eight mth payment total, by twelve and tell then this will make it easier on them. It is a growing business, one factory rep told me they weren't concentrating on residential mowers as much as they used to because more and more people are paying us guys to do the mowing for them. there is a lot of work out there to be had all you have to do is find, it is very likely you could be successful and make more money than you have been making depending on YOU. Good Luck my opinion is go for it
  9. Runner

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    If you don't mind me asking, what do you do? Is it union?
  10. syzer

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    No union, I work for baltimore gas and electric...actually vsi who was just bought out by exalon. A whole lot of things are changing. I make decent money and my job isnt all that hard stressful though =(.

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