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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mulchcasket, Aug 8, 2009.

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    Hi all, just joined the site. I figured I'd go ahead an jump right in. I started a mulch sales business in Oct. of last year and went full blast May 1 of this year. What a learning curve. We are working off the farm and using a new tractor and front end loader to load the trucks. I bought a 1999 F450 that is hauling to homeowners et..and use it to pull a Down 2 Earth trailer when we have a driveway to do. Oh yeh, got the user name from my mulch supplier. When I ordered my 4th trailer load she told me I was building a mulch casket.
    Been working on a web site, Deepwoods Mulch Sales. I hope to get some help with it here but don't see working on it myself until snow is on the ground.
    Looking forward to chatting with you. Ronnie O. aka mulchcasket
  2. TQ Lawn Service

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    Hey, how's it going Ronnie? Welcome to Lawnsite. I chatted you up on Craigslist a couple of months ago. I'm still looking at some part time entry into the field. Hope things go well with the business.

  3. mulchcasket

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    Hi Gene, Yeh I remember. Am looking at a leaf vacuum shortly. Things have slowed down for now but looking for a slight pickup for the fall. I'm gonna do some leaves to try and keep the truck busy. Just curb pickup though. Then, before you know it, it will be time to kill some deer.

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