June fert for cool season turf?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Delmarva Keith, May 24, 2019.

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    For Summer applications, try Whole Shabang 6-2-4, Nutrients derived from Ammonium Sulfate, Sulfate of Potash, Biosolids and Composted Poultry Manure with 5% Calcium, 4% Sulfur, and 1% Iron to rejuvenate turf that has died back to the crown, reduce thatch and relieve compaction.
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    More lawn porn. Overall doing very well. Second round of fungicides start in a couple weeks.

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    For those of you in Northern New Jersey, I will be speaking June 13 on Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer & The Benefits of Organic Matter at the NJLCA Membership/Non-Member Meeting

    Thursday, June 13, 2019 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    SiteOne Landscape Supply
    100 Weyerhauser Rd
    Mahwah, NJ 07430-2256

    The event is free, but they ask that you pre-register in order to have enough food an hand for everyone. Contact Gail at:gwoolcott@njlca.org.
    Hope to see some Lawn Site members there.
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    One of the Iowa State "experts" just came out with an article regarding fertilizing cool season turf. "Fertilize one time in spring". Fertilize once in "early fall", and fertilize once in "late fall". I think this makes sense. Even E.C. Grow (Eau Claire, Wisconsin) says the turf utilizes nutrients BEST in the early & late fall. Not June, July, August. thoughts? Also, how 'bout lawn companies that sell 6 or 7 app's in the northern U.S.???
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    I think a basic outline is understandable if you carpet bomb a program (all similar soil / turf types).
    However three apps for me would be massively depriving the turf.
    Sandy soil obviously doesn’t retain water well which causes the need for more frequent watering in turn “washing down” the nutrients / apps out faster. The hotter it gets, the more water and more frequent water it needs compounding the “washing down” issue. Therefore, June / July / August are still app months. Just decreased app percentages and more frequent apps versus a big app prior to the heat months for our sandy soil. It’s not about root development during those months, it’s about survival. And I still like to eat when it’s hot, maybe less heavy food and some fruit or salads on a hot day, which is lower % app for turf.
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    With the soils here and what folks expect turf to look like, if the Iowa State expert came here he would soon starve :) Another issue that rattles through my brain from time to time is due to climate, overseeding cool season grass every year around here is pretty much a given. Every year there is always young (< 2 yrs old) grass in the lawn and young grass definitely does use more fert. Iowa and Wisconsin might have “well established” turf to test on but not here.

    Other factors to consider include rates, conversion to nitrate and soil CEC. Ammoniacal N is cationic and can attach to exchange sites in soil. Nitrate N is anionic and excess will flush and there are also conversion losses of N through nitrification which are worse in frequently waterlogged soils. So applying a lot of, say, stabilized ammoniacal N to soils with very high CEC with adequate drainage a few times a year will likely give very different results than the same amount and timing of unstabilized N on low CEC soils that are frequently waterlogged in places that have a “rainy season” weather pattern. All I’m really getting at is the “expert’s” one size fits all recommendations of a few apps a year at specific times might be fine for the grass around the parking lot in a shopping mall but won’t cut it for the medium to high input lawns people expect to see around their homes these days.
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    You’ve been lucky enough to not meet the right people to fit the description then
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    Nothing wrong with adding organic matter in a prescriptive formula during summer months.
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    Chicken poo is around $375.00 a ton, Let er rip. Dem microbie thingies love the heat!
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    biochar! for the win

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