jungle jim's trimmer buddy


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i have been trying to design something like that for myself. it holds your trimmer on your walk-behind, ztr, or trailer. nothing new about the trailer part. its very ineficient for neighboorhood lawns for me, cause i have to make 2 trips, one with my mower, another with my blower/trimmer. I still would rather mount the trimmer across the deck than diagnaolly from the handles towards the deck. do you think i could mount 2, one for my edger, one for my trimmer. do you think i could keep them on my mower when i put it in my truck, would they be secure? i don't want it turning upside down and pouring fuel out.


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you might want to check out the tool storage system called the Gridiron. They use a trimmer bracket that keeps the trimmer from spinning around and dumping out the fuel. It is also a component rack system, you build it your way. best rack system I've ever seen. very ingenious. the web site is www.novaecorp.com<br>

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