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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Gunner, Mar 24, 2000.

  1. pfisdon

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    Hey Jungle Jim, How long will the nylon bushings last? I have a Velke,Two wheeled version,and a Jungle Wheels.Both seem to be put together real well.
  2. Evan528

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    lawrence, the reason i wouldnt be using it on all the time is for a couple of reasons. the first is because alot of my gated abckyard are very small an i whn i turn with a belt driven i do a half turn then pull back and staiten out the mower to complete the turn (a 180 degree turn will tear up grass) i dont think this kinda turn can be done with a velke be cause you need to use your own strenth to pull back the mower to complete each turn. if i had a hydro it would be a diffrent story. the 2nd reason is because alot of the gated back yards i do are way to hilly an would be very hard to stay on the hill because i couldnt use the strenth in my legs to keep the mower up. since mostly wear i use my 36 is small i dont mind walking them i just wanna get to them fast! i have on neighborhood where i do 25 lawns and about 8 have small gates.<p>
  3. Lazer

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    JungleJim,<p>Are you the manufacturer of Jungle Wheels?<p>9 years? They weren't even out then. The first ads I saw for them were late 1993, I saw my first set in 1994.<p>Velke's weren't really out until 1991 and obviously Jungle Wheels were after that.<p>Anyway, I've owned 8 brands of Sulkies and have rode a dozen more and Jungle Wheels are our choice.<br>
  4. JungleJim

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    from KY
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    Lazer, <p>Yes I manufacturing the Jungle Wheels and tested the product for some time before we brought it to market.<p>Nothing makes me happier than when my peers express how much they enjoy our product. Any suggestions appreciated.<p>In regards to the nylon bushings, there is no difference. In fact, we used bronze bushings initially in production. We found the nylon to be of equal or better quality. Also, nylon bushings are easier & cheaper to replace then the bronze. Hope this helps!
  5. dfor

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    Can you back up with the Jungle Wheels (using a hydro mower)without jacknifing? I thought it was easier to turn with the ones where the wheels swivel. Maybe I was misled.
  6. Lazer

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    You do not jackknife with a little practice. The problem with the swivel is that you should step off the unit. If you're standing on them with all that weight, they dig up turf when the wheels swivel, especially in softer soils.

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