jungle wheels


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Central Texas
We have 2 pair on Toro walk behinds. I have had good service for four years now. The only bad part is they jacknife when backing up or comming off the trailer. So we went to the rocket wheels or bull rider caster style. I think the Jungle Wheels were around $350 + tax.


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I have a 1996 Red single wheel Velke. I was wondering what a good price is to sell it. I bought it before I got my Dixie and it just sits in the garage collecting dust! It was used maybe 8-10 hours. It still has the 'titties' on the tire! There are a few people interested in my area so, I don't want to sell/ship far away. I paid $245.00 new on April 10 1996.



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Just bought some jungle wheels today, love them tricky to get the hang of for me, first time trying them. Awesome though. I got them for 285.00.


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I usually do not have any problems backing, I put my weight on my toes which pitches the back of the platform up preventing it from digging into the ground. If backing up sharply I just step off and let it jack-knife.


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Marysville, WA
Why don't any of you use Pro-slide? That seems like a great setup, pops up when you're not on it, folds down when you are and it even helps striping! Maybe I should get one for the Toro! LOL:)


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i do not see how a skid plate could be good for a lawn. It slows the mower by putting al the friction on the soil. And also you cant use it across cement. The bottom of the velke that i use wears away quikly and i cant imagine if that was rubbing all the time.

recomend anything w/ wheels but dont see a skid palte as being good.


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We've used a proslide on one of our wb's for a season now and have had no problems with it. The guys that use it both weigh less than 150# though. The other guy weighs over 200# and we ask that he not use it just for the strain on the tranny. Although I weigh over 250# I test drove it on a couple of lawns to see how it worked and had no problems. I have seen no detrimental effects on any of the lawns and yes it does a very nice job of striping.

LM5k, we don't cut many drives or sidewalks so I can't tell you how it would hold under those conditions. Seriously, when you come to a walk you just step off and then step back on.