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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by jspsc123, May 18, 2014.

  1. jspsc123

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    Hey guys,im in the charlotte nc area and i have a customer that wants some junipers for ground cover on a hill. i dont know much about them and need some help. i was looking at getting some blue pacific junipers. how far apart should i space them, how long does it take them to creep, and how do they creep(what shape, circle, square, straight row). i read that they can spread 4-6 ft, is that cubic ft. i was thinking planting 3 ft apart grid style. any help is appreciated
  2. 32vld

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    Keep I mind that varieties also vary in how tall they grow. I had a customer that wanted a spreading juniper that only grew 1' height.
  3. RussellB

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    Blue Pacific is a good choice and your spacing will be fine. I planted a hill side a couple years ago using one gallon size pots and the hill is full covered. I have trimmed them a couple times at the base of the hill to keep them out of the flow line of a swale and at the top to keep them off the fence. Weeds are a pain but just charge accordingly.
  4. p51mustang23

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    make sure you use juniperus horizontalis, aka creeping juniper. It will require time consuming weeding at some point, especially if grass starts growing in it.
  5. RichardC

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    are there any other solutions when this starts happening, other than manually weeding the grass out? ive got a customer with an annoyingly large area of junipers, where grass/weeds have started coming through pretty heavy. i usually weed wack over them to keep it down some, but it grows back so fast.
  6. Ditta&Sons

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    blue forest is another nice one, a little taller but well under a foot high.
    I hate when the weeds and grass start growing in, fabric might be a good idea beforehand if youre starting this area from scratch
  7. Mark Oomkes

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    Blue Pacifics are one of the very few junipers I will use. Beautiful color and texture.

    As for weeds, Casoron\Dyclomec\Barrier is your friend.
  8. RichardC

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    I havent gotten into the pesticide thing as of yet, planning on getting certified or whatever at some point soon. are these ones you mentioned safe to apply on the junipers, to kill the weeds?
  9. Mark Oomkes

    Mark Oomkes LawnSite Fanatic
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    Oh yeah, and it knocks out grassy weeds as well. It is not safe for perennials or anything herbaceous, but woody type plants are just fine.
  10. Twinlakes

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    Excellent info.!

    Nothing like looking over a juniper bed knowing the risk of pulling even a single weed...10' into the bed. Especially, when entering compact and/or trailing Junipers. You'll know within a week if you stepped wrong. If not sooner!

    Thanks again for the knowledge on the Selective herbicides,

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