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Juniper root rot - solution?
I have a customer who has over 400 plants of creeping juniper (in the form of a hedge). I am 99% sure that the symptoms seen are root rot...especially due to the amount of rainfall received in NC. The tips are turning dark brown, and golden mushrooms are appearing along the base of the plants.

Question - The treatment calls for entire removal of the affected plants. Has anyone had any other success, using a granular fungicide (Bayleton) or by aerating the soil around the roots (puncturing and blowing air into the soil). My customer is worried sick that we will have to remove them all...she does not want the expense of planting another 400 and waiting 12 years to let them fill in again.

FYI - this hedge is ~120 LFT x 15 LFT and is on a slope/bank, shared with a magnolia and a sweet gum.

HELP me HELP my customer!!! Thanks!

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More than likely the damage has been severe enough and long enough that any recovery is doubtful. Watch what happens now that the temps are going to rise and have sunny days. You will have more die back than you have now.
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