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    Hello iam a new LCO, G&P lawn & Ladscape Maintenance.
    Ive been getting a lot request for some pruneing of juniper bushes i was wondering if anyone had a good group of pictures of the different types of juniper shrubs. i was also wondering about proper maintenance ( pruneing,ground cover, watering, lighting). Thank you for any help
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    or any good websites that have good info about landscape plants and bushes. thanks again
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    Some of the twiggy ones like Tam, may best be sheared rather than thinned.

    Phitzer can be sheared, hand clipped, or cleaned from within to expose a branch pattern, or the latter with sheared forms on the end of the limbs.

    Moonglow, or Wichita can grow up as tall columns, or be sheared tight into a narrow column - like one on my pruning page at

    Personally, I think Hollywood Juniper belongs as a small tree, thinned moderately and trained to have a branch structure.

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