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    Questions for u fert people...I have a juniper that continues to brown and yellow eventhough I have used iron, which I thought the problem was. I live in zone 7 (North TX) and the soil type is clay. The plant has been good for appx 4 years and is dying on the backside of the plant. Typically it starts towards the bottom and heads north, it does not appear to be effecting all side only the back (close to the house) side is affected. Any recommendations, other than replacement, that I can use would be or great help.:blush:
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    Is it getting too much water?
  3. joshua

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    up north in the winter if we get a hot day and the sun reflects off of a white house or something along that nature we will get the same thing. doubt its the answer but it might be.
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    I would scout for Mites. While normally most prevalent on the warmer sunny sides of shrubs, the house may be offering harborage more condusive to a particular mite species that is damaging the Juniper. To check, shake a partly affected branch while holding a white sheet of paper directly under the branch. Have a magnifying lens in your pocket. Use the lens to watch the dark spots that fall on the paper. Are any of these spots moving?

    Explore the light intensity. Junipers don't like shade. The house may be combining with shadows cast by other growing plants. Look into any younger forest. Juniper is a pioneer species. As a young forest matures, junipers gradually get shaded out by their neighbors. Branches do fade from the bottom up under these conditions as the upper parts of the junipers actually out-compete for light with the lower ones.

    Ray's right about drainage. A change of gutter location. A clogged dry well. Faulty French & curtain drains. Or the simple maturation of other plant material can impact (and compact) what was once a marginal drainage issue that has now a problem for the Juniper.

    What particular type of Juniper is it and how many hours of full direct sun light does it get?


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