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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JTS Landscaping lawn, May 8, 2008.

  1. JTS Landscaping lawn

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    does anyone offer waste and junk removal in there landscaping business im just starting to do that. trying to figure out what to charge not really sure i have 16ft trailer ill use and or just the truck. then have to include the $74 for the dump fee. does $134 seem like a good price you think
  2. birdturd9726

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    i charge $275 to load my truck. holds about 3.5 yards. that includes dump fees
  3. landscaper22

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    I just pass out Fred Sanford's business card (Well I guess Lamont would handle it now). But that is one part of the business I do not want to get into. I don't even like hauling leaves and other debris. $275 sounds high, but with gas prices like they are in addition to dump fees it is probably not far off.
    This reminds me of this lady that called me my first year in business. She wanted to know how much I would charge to load up and haul 2 small piles of leaves. I told her $25 and she thought I was crazy for charging that much for two small piles of leaves. So, I didn't get the job. Looking back I see I was crazy. I should have quoted $100 or more. :laugh:
  4. lawnwizards

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    i dont like to haul stuff either. once a customer finds out, they will be hounding you to haul all kinds of crap and paint their house and wash their dog and fix their toilet. you become a handyman to them.
  5. ALC-GregH

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    If you know what your doing, it all boils down to the almighty dollar. If you know the customer pretty well, why not make extra money off them? I guess it depends on the one wanting or maybe even needing the work.
  6. topsites

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    It's one thing to haul for profit.

    It's quite another when they come asking "can you USE any of this?" (hint, hint).

    So, charge appropriately.
  7. hardatworknc

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    We are a property services company and actually deal with a fair deal of hauling and dumping. We have a 6.5x12 landscaping trailer with removable plywood sides. We charge $200 per dump if its all piled up ready to go. If we have to walk around and pick it up, we charge them an hourly rate to load the trailer. Depending on how your local dump does and what other places are around you might be able to make some money off what your dumping. Any metal on the trailer and you can actually get paid to recycle it. If there is not a metal recycling center near you find out if your dump recycles metal. Usually you can run through and drop off all the metal and then get back on the scales and only pay for whats left. We have a material recycling center and can drop off all brick, stone and concrete for free. Now we aren't having to pay to dump, just the cost of transport. Finally when we recycle yard debris we pay $20 for the first ton and then per pound after that. If your picking up a small load for someone, throw on someone else's debris or some of your own and make the trip worth your $20. Just some pointers. Trying calling some other debris removal companies in the area and see what they charge. I know that in our area 1800 got junk charges $475 for an 8x10x5 bed for example.
  8. landscaper22

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    That's right. For someone just starting out, hauling junk may be a good idea. My first couple of years I cleaned gutters, I would blow off roof tops, clear out overgrown properties, and would have hauled junk too. The longer I do this type of work, I find ways to become more lazy. I have all the work I want and then some, so I cut out all of the extra junk work that I never liked doing anyway. If you can do it and make a good profit, go for it.
  9. mattamus2005

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    My name is David and I include junk removal services, when your first starting out It can really help you get more work. People always have a garage that needs cleaned out or trash pile in their back yard or something. My first job was 3 big piles of limbs,logs from cut trees, and small brush. The pile was taller than the house, I was new and only had a small pickup truck and I didn't't want to lose the customer so I had to rent a 14' trailer with 4' sides for $35.00 a day I only charged them $100.00 to be safe b/c they had other offers. It took 5 trips to haul all of it. I found a field about 3 miles from the job that was being cleared out for a development so I dumped it there. there was a big brush pile at the edge of the woods so i just added to it. lol
    But the customers were very happy with my services they gave me a $35 dollar tip. sometimes charging less helps I've had that happen 9 other times where the customer gave me a bigger tip when I charge less, so I guess it averages out.

    Grass Patrol Landscaping Lexington, NC

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