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This discussion was started on another thread but is seems as if it may be a fun topic to talk about. What kind of old mowers, blowers or other weird and/or interesting stuff do you guys have sitting out behind the shop. We have an old yazoo that has been sitting around for a couple of years and I finally had the opportunity to use an ignition switch off of the thing on my Kees this week. Anyway this might be fun to see what junk we are all keeping hidden "in the fence row".

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
A 1990 Woods CM36 hydro. It was the first commercial mower I bought and I seem to be having trouble parting with it although after using my new Exmark 36 the Woods seems clunky and difficult to operate. I want to buy a new Dixie Chopper next year and I'll probably sell the Woods, my 50" Gravely and my 9hp Crapsman chipper/shredder vac in the spring to help raise funds.


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I picked up a backpack blower at a yard sale, just to tinker with. I have no idea what brand or anything. It was bright, bright green. Ugliest thing you'll ever see. The carb had an aerosol can lid with holes cut out and packing material in it for a filter/cover. It never would run real good, so I put it outback in the equipment graveyard. I normally would never buy or use something like that, but it was like the ugly dog at the pound nobody wants. So, I talked the guy down from $5 to $3. It was more for my amusement than anything else.<br> Bill

Eric ELM

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I've got a 1990 JD that I still use. For any of you new guys, I have pictures of 2 old mowers that were built about 75 years ago on my equipment page on my Website. Gene Griffin sent me these pictures to post so all could see. They still run too. :)<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://pages.prodigy.net/eric.erickson/&quot;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>


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Lets hear it for the YAZOOS! I have a 24&quot; big wheel with the cast iron Briggs 5 horse engine that I've owned for 14 years. A buddy owned it for about 5 years before that.<p>It doesn't get get used but rarely but it's a great machine. It's a super mulcher! Just no way am I gonna cut my own grass with that when I can drag the Lesco off the trailer.<p>I used it last year to mow a kudzu covered lot. It did a super job.<p>For you Briggs people...this machine is from the era when 5 hp was really 5 hp. None of this choking down on a clump of grass like these machines today!<p>GEO


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Ontario, Canada
I bought an old Yazoo at a sale last year, I mounted a brinly aerator on the front of it and an electric fertilizer spreader on top of that. It works really good and can move pretty fast too. The only problem I have with it is it is too light on the front end when going up hills. It's got a 16 hp Briggs on it.

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