Junkyard Wars - Giant Mowing Machines

Jet boater

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Evansville, IN
For those of you that follow the Junkyard Wars on "The Learning Channel" (TLC), this Wednesdays episode is "Giant Mowing Machines". I think its on around 9 or 10 PM ET, after the "Steam Powered Cars" episode.

For those who have never watched, it takes place in a British junkyard, where teams compete to build a "machine of the week" in a period of 10 hours out of anything they can find in the junkyard.

Then the next day, they use their creations in a competition to determine the winner. It's great!!!

The losing team is eliminated while the winners move towards the finals.

D. Tom


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Southwest VA
I watched my first whole episode(s) last week, its great! It was really funny to see a bunch of science teachers cut some of their metal 1 meter too short, and some other material 1/2 of a meter too short! (Sorry for the metric, but that's what they use)


It is a great show. The compressed air rugby ball launcher was great. Reminded me of my egg launching project from physics in highschool.

mdb landscaping

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it has to be one of the best shows out right now. i saw an episode where they built machines to knock down brick walls. im looking forward to that episode about the mowers. thanks for the reminder

Vibe Ray

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You all are very right, its a cool show. I watch it whenever I have the time. Giant mowing machine? Sounds cool! Thanks for the heads up Jet Boater!


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Ontario, Canada
Anyone else think the show is a little fake some time. The one where they built the flying machines and had to drop a bomb the closest to a target. The one team decided to build a hot air type machine and they "found" a full roll of the material they use to build ultralight wings in a locked car trunk. And the other team found a weed trimmer motor and built their machine around it before they even tried to start it. It wouldn't run so they put a battery drill onto it and it started and worked perfect from then on.... Seems a little far fetched to me. Oh yeah OJ Simpson was innocent too.