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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Workinforgreen, Apr 26, 2006.

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    hey everyone, new to the site and fairly new to the buis.... I've worked in it but im jus now thankin about doing it on my own.... I'm Sorda wondering a few thangs... if any of you guys could possibly help...

    1? whats a good string trimmer for the price im lookin to spend under 200.00 for jus starting out...
    2? What a good back pack blower for beginners .....
    3? I was wondering what yall thank lets say i do a yard for 35. a cut trim pick up blow off.... and ima do it atleast 2 -3 a month... if i jus tell them 95 bux for the month so they in return say man ima pay less jus to pay for the full month... and then i dont gotta wait around and let them get good and ready for me to cut it i can nock it on when it's due.... Jus wonderd what yalls point of view was on this....

    4? also if any of you could help me with Commercial stuff i dont have the slitest clue what to do on that... I jus know u make good money with that and i know a few areas around here that are bad looking .... so i was like man i need to get on with that .... But if you dont mind let me know... guys

    Love the site you all seem to be willin to help anyone for the right cause....

    ( set up just starting out... overnight sorda

    40" riden mower home owner series ( MURRAY )
    3 Cheap sting trimmers
    1 Comercial jon deer string trimmer
    Hand held blower.....

    me and a good friend of mine have talked about doing this since we were kids so i was just wondering if yall could help us out any at all....
  2. firefightergw

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    You are going to get a lot of different opinions on equipment. I like Echo. You can get an Echo trimmer (entry-level model) for about $199. My first BP blower was a Echo PB 403T. I think I paid $299 for it. As far as price and $95 a month, if you are charging $35 per cut, I would stay with that are go up to $135 a month. Whatever works and helps you bring in the most money. Don't know what kind of yards you have but if you have anything under 10,000 sq. ft. I would get you a 21" mower. My first was a residential Snapper for $460 w/tax. Added a 36" Cub Cadet Commercial WB and just recently another 21" Snapper Commercial.

    As far as Commercial properties, bigger doesn't necessarily mean more profit. If you can knock out 4 to 5 residentials in an hour at $25-$30 a pop, or 1 commercial for $70, which is more profitable? For those that are looking shabby, just go inside and ask for the owner and ask them if you could service their property for $X a week. That's how I picked up all of my commercials my first year. Just go in and talk with them.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Workinforgreen

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    Wut you thank about regular lawns I live in a rural community fairly large neighborhoods dime a dozen.... with 1acre or 2 acre lots fairly small yards.... would makin a flier and saying like a avg Cost per yard.... ( do refrence numbers help you thank Cuz i got a few peopls yards that said i could give there number out for that reason ) I only have a few yards and nothing like for sure.. jus they call i cut im lookin for some for sure accounts so i perty much have something to bank on....

    So what i didn thank is if look at each yard as man if i charge less i'll get it and i can do it quickly and good and then hopefuly i'll get more yards off of that one person and more yards add up quickly
  4. Workinforgreen

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    Were do i go to get lawn equipment on a payment bassis Like so i pay on it each month....
  5. jbone

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    Im also new to the biz and ill give you the same advice ive been given.....

    1. when buying equipment you dont have to get the best and the biggest but dont buy something that you will quickly outgrow. If you plan on expanding get something larger than what you need. I like the echo 210 trimmer($200.00), works great and dependable. I bought a new echo 751 blower ($450.00) thats expensive but it works awesome ive already made my money back and I dont worry about having something too small. As for a mower youll get lots of opinions. I have a 21" mower but I also recently bought a scag 48" commercial for $500 and it works great but they usually go for more. If you have customers with fenced in yards something smaller like a 36" will usually be fine, and work for a commercial prop. too

    2. For commercial accounts a lot of places require insurance, like he said go and talk to them dont wait around for them to come to you. they usually dont (especially if your a small lco.)

    3. I dont know what size residentials you do and it depends on your area but $35 to mow, trim, blow, and pickup seems pretty cheap you may be able to get more and you may have to if one day you get insured, buy more equip etc. (but once again idk your situation) seems like a good deal.

    4. Good luck
  6. Workinforgreen

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    Anyone else got anything to say
  7. Workinforgreen

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    Any of you guys know of any good sites off line to purchase equipment.....?

    How do you decide what to charge commercial deals.... Cuz im lookin into doing a few gas stations Car washes thangs of that nature not to much grass but some... Let me know... Im young almost out of high school so im not really sure of the ropes
  8. ArkansasLawns

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    Try the "Search" feature at the top of this site. Go advanced and be specific.

    If you are cash challenged try Sears.
    Get a trimmer with two lines.
    Echo is sufficer but at around $200.

    Husqvarna Blower for around $300....BT145 model. Again at Sears.

    Try pawn shops.

    Stop and ask other local guys what they are using. They might have something they have laying around the shop that they would gladly trade for some green(cash).

    Pricing is a local thing. What may pass as too little one region might be way over priced in another. Try not to get caught up with the I'll call you when I need it cut crap. Some only call when the city/county/state put up a notice that the property is in violation and needs to be mowed within 30 days.

    Do it weekly or every two weeks. Not every 10 days or the third Tues of each month. What a crock.

    Commercial- Get em while you can. Ask, Ask and then Ask again. Be as professional as you can. They want reliability, consistency, predictability.

    Make up a flyer and a business card if you can. Talk to the decision maker. That may be the owner or manager. Do not waste your time on the person behind the counter unless they are the decision maker. Tell them what you can do for them. If you have pictures of other properties you maintain take them with you and have references if you can. Oh, make sure the reference name you give them will give you a good on. Ask them if you can use their name and number.
  9. J&R Landscaping

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    I wouldn't buy equipment online or at sears. Find a dealer in your area and go talk to him. Some dealers may sell used trimmers and such. The echo srm 210 is a good trimmer and will run you $199. The echo 403 back pack blower will do decent fr starting. Thar will run you $299. JMO
  10. topsites

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    Echo has a long-standing reputation of building some of the longest-lasting equipment, a fact I can attest to. I would thus highly recommend Echo for any financially strapped enterprise as the echo can easily outlast long financial droughts.

    The only time I would consider any other equipment such as stihl etc is if you have finances to spare, the other commercial brands you get more horses (POWER) for your money but they never last that long, I get at most a year's use out of a powertool costs as much as the echo that lasted 3+ years and I use my stuff every single day. The echo is a little bit lighter in the horse department but let me tell you, it is one fine tool.

    As for actual financing, consider saving your money and buying stuff outright, buy it one piece at a time if you have to but buy it cash so you don't have the credit issue to worry about - new businesses have enough headaches without this.

    Did I mention you should get Echo stuff?

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