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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yergus, Jun 23, 2002.

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    About two weeks ago i was cutting the lawn at a fairly new customers house, who had several small areas of sod just laid. He has a handy man do odd jobs around the house, and this particular day, he had him walk around and water the sod, the only problem was that he had him water the sod for less than a minute on each piece and then only do it once a day, and in the middle of the day on top of that. Well he told the worker that he needed to really put the water down on the sod, and needed to do it several times a day for at least three weeks. He went and told the home owner what we said, and was told to continue as he was doing.
    Apparently he called the company that laid the sod and asked about what he was told, because twenty minutes later he went and told his handy man to do it as we told him. but he only did it that day. two weeks later most of the sod is dead.
    Isn't it funny how most of the public think that the only reason we do lawn care is because we are too stupid to do anything else. Well i hate to tell them, but i have more formal education than most of the customers that i carry. Of course this does not go for all our customers, we have several that believe everything we tell them, understanding that we are professionals and that we can not stay in business too long being stupid.
    Go figure!
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    Just this friday at Mooresville Ford they were watering the grass(mostly dirt) in front of the building with a water hose. They started about 11:00am hosed it down. I politely asked them if they were trying to keep the dust down,they remarked that they lost the grass last year and it would not happen again. So I explained that it would be better to do this first thing in the morning or they would bake it anyway. T hey basically just grunted and kept going.
    I came back at 1:00pm they were doing it again. I had even suggestes that they tear it up add some topsoil and peat moss and start over, but they only grunted, I even suggested maybe pine needles or mulch but again a grunt. Oh well i guess that what happens when daddy hands down the business to the spoiled little boy's.
    Cant wait till next year when they have to start over anyway.

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