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I want a WB, either a metro or metro hp 15hp and a36''. Exmark arn't avalible here niether are WB's . I know toro are a sister company of exmark. My dealer is big on Toro, he sells alot. What I want to know is..if I can get a Metro on a back load with some of the toro's my dealer brings in. I'm wanting to replace my curent 42'' ztr with a WB for a number of reasons. I want to know firstly if this can be done at all and if it can be done economicaly. If it is posible could you give me a figure on a Metro HP and Mertro 15hp and 36'' with ECS being brought down here with some of the toro's on a back load sort of thing? If you could it would be great to get the figure in AUD? I'm just looking at the dollars and I will jump at this if it's under $3000 AUD.

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BTW:There a big market down here and LCO's in AUZ are always willing to try new things. Ever thought of distributing here?


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Alex, the Toro fixed deck mowers have the same deck as the Metro, (32", 36", 48") just with different decals on it. Plus they have T bar steering. You might check those out.


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Sorry guy. There's not much chance of getting a complete Exmark to the land down under.

Bruce is correct. The Exmark and Toro fixed deck units are very similar. I believe they offer both pistol grip and T-bar controls.

On several occasions I've suggested that they send me.........and my family down there for a couple of weeks to evaluate.................the possibilities of expanding into that market. They are of the opinion I might get distracted doing other things. I don't know where they would get such an idea.




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Cheers Bruce...........I'll look into that mate.

Terry, No worries..........Ya don't ask ya don't get.

Doing other things? No! (plenty of distraction here mate)

Have a good one!