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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bulls_mowing, Aug 26, 2006.

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    Hello every one
    This is really complicated just bare with me. ok say ive got a constant 80 lawns a fortnight and i do 8 lawns everyday and i decide to employ some one and he or she works with me and then i decided to give him or her 30 lawns to do through out a fortnight by him/her self is that posible i mean if the person had a car with a trailer or ute basically my goal is to get 15 employees and i want them to work in a group of 2 and when the time comes im hoping i can offeer them franchising oportunities oh by the way im not planing on employing 15 employees over night either its sought of a long term goal when it comes to equipment im still thinking about that part anyway whats your advice oh and i will keep getting more customers and giving them to my empoyees and my self sought of thing

    Bulls_ Mowing
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    Assuming you mean fortnight as 14 days, sure. I don't see why some one couldn't do 30 lawns in 2 weeks time. If anything, depending on the size of the lawn and travel time they should be able to do more! The only way to do it is with more voliume.
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    what im planning on doing is starting off by giving the employees 30 lawns a fornight and then when customers call i will direct them to my employees

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