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I have been browsing this forum for about a month now and I have a few questions. I read alot of posts of guys asking how to make there buisness legit. Most of the time they say they have all these jobs and commercial jobs also. so my questions are how do you land commercial work without being legit? I know the work that I do for builders and hoa the first documents I get are the insurance requirements and our tax ID #. So how do you get these jobs with none of that. I myself would never step foot on someone elses property without liability insurance or not being an inc. buisness people are to happy to get there attorneys involved with everything. I was a project manager for 10 yrs. and the company that maintained our models and spec homes where out there mowing on a friday morning and a guy was walking buy on the sidewalk the mower hit a little rock and shot out the side hit the guy in the head and gave him 17 stitches the guy sued. now I can't imagine not having insurance or being a legit company so I guess to sum it up is aren't you companies that are not legit affraid of something like this happening? I myself have to carry a 2 mil. general aggregate and 500k for workmans comp for each employee. now this is for the builders I do work for. the hoa are a little lower. just a question no harm intended :usflag: