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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bluesteel, May 9, 2003.

  1. One of my customers from last year, offered me another lawn this year. Some other LCO had been doing that one last year, as well as some of his commercial property. Well, early this season, time for the scheduled 2nd mow on this new lawn, I went by there and it just hadn’t grown. So I used that time for catch-up.

    Two days later, I went by there, and someone had just mowed it. The customer was home, so I knocked and he said just a second, I’ll get you your money. But I told him someone else mowed it, I just wanted to know if the job was still mine. He said yes, and a few days later offered me a really nice commercial account.

    He “said” he never did find out who mowed his lawn. Additionally, he has a nearly new 60” Gravely Commercial ZTR. It could have been the old LCO just trying to salvage that account, but there wasn’t enough growth to warrant trimming or edging, so I couldn’t tell. But I’m wondering if it was just a test.
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    A test to see if you would take the money?

    Why would he have you mow, if he has a nice mower like that?

    Was the lawn mowed with a 60" deck?
  3. That's what I'm starting to wonder, if he was just testing to see if I was honest.

    He is very sucessful, lots of toys. When someone gets a lot of wealth, they start buying time. That's where we come in.

    I would guess that lawn was mowed with a 60" mower.
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    I had a customer try that one on me once two years ago now I mow several of his comercial properties and rentals. Now he recomends me to everyone ALL the time because I did not take the 2 $100 bills he tryed to hand me for mowing he did two days earlier I was very temted to but I am so glad that I didn't because that christmas he tiped me 200 bucks.
  5. Thought so. It's not like money is no object with those kind of people, it's just darn close to it. They're almost on a different plane, looking for people with integrity, and are willing to reward it.

    I actually thought about taking the money at first. I was thinking it would be a pretty strong deterrent for someone else if they mow and I get paid for it, LOL. But I know the Lord makes those calls, I just have to put one foot in front of the other.
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    I have had that happen with lawn & plow accounts in the past. The news hadn't filtered down to the front lines that the old company didn't do those accounts anymore, so I was saved a little bit of work here & there ;). Interesting concept that the client was testing your integrity. Sounds like you passed.
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    Was the account weekly or monthly contract?? Or no contract??

    If it was monthly would it have been wrong to take the money? I mean you did stop by to cut like you promised you would. Its not your fault someone else did the work for you. Now your out one weeks pay for that account. It just doesnt seem right.

    I am not a dishonest person and I would have done what you did but if it was a test I dont think it was fair, and I would not cut his prop anymore if all he has to do is play mind games.

    If you see him again I and you can bring it back up I would say something like "Those stripes last week looked like the same width as your mower. Did the guy who cut it use your mower"? At least say something to let him know your on to him.


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