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  1. awm

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    Ive read some of the ideas about how the forum might be contributing to all the new people mowing.
    I know 10 or more lco here. only 1 ever heard of LAWNSITE.
    My bet is that almost none of the pt timers starting
    now know about this site.
    The truth as I see it is that this just looks like a way out for a fella in debt to his ears, or out of a job.
    With a little more explaining and a little less ridicual
    (sp)we can make the those that dont chg realistically see
    all the cost of operating a buisiness.JUST MINE
  2. kutnkru

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    I agree that if there was a way to educate all whom wish to cut grass for a living, the Industry would not be viewed as a joke.

    Unfortunately, no matter what we may try to do or how well we may perform, without a LAW to stop every retiree, former engineer, part timer, etc. we cannot regulate the quality of the contractor out there.

    I wish there was a test, that the DEC could enforce when their out there busting my chops so that these fly-by-nights could some how be regulated.

    But the downfall to this is that we already have too much gov't intervention in our lives and I will continue to perform services to the best of my ability.

    Any more the more I talk to people and the more I think about it, they are actually working in my favor by servceing those dead-beat, late paying, continually gripeing customers I would rather not have to del with, on my management schedules.

    Just my .02
  3. I consider myself like a Great White Shark cruising the oceans without fear of any other species other than a “bigger” Great White. If a few crumbs of food falls from my mouth and lands in the mouth of a shadowing sucker or carp so be it, for bottom feeders have to eat too.

    Lawrence Stone top of the lawn care food chain and non-self proclaimed king of the scrubs.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled forum.

    How many square feet are there in a half-acre?

    Discuss amongst yourselves please.

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  4. Kent Lawns

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    21,780 sq. ft. in a 1/2 acre. (Which most 3rd graders know, thanx for the challenging question)

    Stone, you're more like a Hammerhead shark: Appearing very intimidating but actually quite docile.
  5. plow kid

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    I maintain a large estate that is 7 1/2 acres it has a pond that takes up 2 1/4 acres and ya got to subtract the driveway, 10' x 240' and the pole barn 70' x 120'and the house is about 7000 sq ft, ok you figure it out :)
    Ill get 6 different answers, I know it :)
  6. Kent Lawns

    Kent Lawns LawnSite Senior Member
    from Midwest
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    ahh, a 4th grade question:

    326.7- Site
    98.0 Pond
    2.4 Driveway
    8.4 Polebarn
    7.0 House

    210,900 sf (4.84 acres)

  7. awm

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    I can really see some of your attributes.
    But man there is more to life than being preyed on or preying on others.Mabe a real good women if you dont have one, would show you what you might be missing. My appologies to mrs. Stone if you do.Really no offence ment.
  8. skyphoto

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    She saw a bigol long gun!!


    Those were great Stone!!!!
  9. RYAN

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    YO YO YO

    Whatcha talkin bout Stone? Dat beeatch was speekin perfik inglish. Sounds like po ol' boo got hiz azz shot plain an simple yo. You just gotsta to learn yous some better Inglish

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