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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by sure cut, Apr 13, 2008.

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    well i'm over in the uk and have been planning to start this summer for ages now, slowely building up some basic equipment (very basic) and yesterday i went to pick up van i won on ebay. (only a little car derived van, we dont get monster trucks like you lot over here unfortunatly)

    i have taken some pics just now which i will post up once my camera battery is charged.

    i have been out this morning putting flyers through lots of commercial premisis doors and was wondeing what other methods you guys use? i want to obviously get as much work as i can, however for this season i think i am gonna stick to part time (weekends, possibly the odd evening) to try and build a bit of a customer base, then try to hit it hard next season.

    any tips or advice for a newbee welcome.

    p.s. anyone else from the UK on this forum? been reading for ages but this is my first proper post, not noticed anyone but maybe i am wrong
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    Yes, from the UK too -Manchester. I think we're as rare as pins in puddings on this site.
    I've been doing it 13 years.
    Charge the rate that makes it worthwhile for you. If you're quoting for a new job and you're not sure how long it's going to take, make the quote flexible, i.e. between x and x.
    If you underquote for jobs, get halfway through and start kicking yourself, there is more than one way out. Try being totally open with the customer: "Sorry to bother you, but your garden is causing problems for me that I didn't anticipate. Those brambles/weeds are much more deeply rooted than usual and you've got a lot of thatch in your lawn that is very hard going on the mower. For the price I've quoted I'll be able to mow the grass and get out most of the weeds but it might not be a Kew Garden finish. If you were prepared to add a small percentage (here name your figure) to the price quoted I think the improvement would make it very worthwhile."
    Don't try this though unless you are genuinely cheesed off and regretting the quote. People know when they are being led a dance.

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