Just added a new feature to my site! on quote request, I get a text!

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by TheGoat, Jun 10, 2012.

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    $14.95 is the cheapest plan. The Mcard. As far as response, I do both. There is an autoresponder that goes out. I get an alert on my phone telling me that xxx-xxx-xxxx has requested your mcard. I copy that number and paste it in a new text. I have quick template saved that reads, "Thank you for your interest in The Yard Boy. How may I help you today?". I send that back so that it shows as coming from my phone. That let's the customer know that someone is on the other end and more often than not, they reply back with what they need and the hunt is on. Within a few minutes, I've got an address, email address and many times, a job booked.

    The autoresponder has my phone number in it as well as an offer for $10 off their first service. It also has a link to an interactive mobile landing page which has links to my number, email, website, Facebook page as well as a short video they can watch right there on their smartphone where I introduce myself and sell myself to them. There is also a button that allows them to automatically import my contact info directly into their contacts list.
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    Ahh ok, I was thinking the $99 plan was the cheapest they had. I did e-mail them asking them how to sign up and if the free demo they list in their FAQ is still available. I hope it went through, their site wanted me to enable java to send the message (i think cause the geek in me wanted to try the "send screenshot with message"), but since last week Homeland Security put out an alert that everyone should disable or uninstall Java since it has a security hole that has been left unfixed for several months and that hackers are actively exploiting, I don't have it turned on.

    Ok, while I'm typing that, I guess you could say I got confirmation they got the message. LOL I just got FOUR e-mails from their site thanking me for contacting them hahaha!

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    Just got a reply from iZigg (the 90210 people), they said they do not list a demo version (I offered to send them a screen shot of their own site LOL), and that the only way to sign up to use their services is to contact someone who currently uses it and sign up under them...

    I'm sticking with Twilio as my choice I think.

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    Multi-level marketing is getting more technical. Good to know.
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    I've noticed a few of you guys have set up with iZigg, can you tell me if they are still running the one month free trial and how you guys feel about the service and how you take advantage of it in the lawn and landscape industry?

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