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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TheLandyman, Jan 13, 2008.

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    Hi everyone my names Kris im 17 years old and im from medford, Oregon and last October i decided to start a landscape maintenance company it was a spur of the moment deal no real inspiration except a friend of mine who is 20 and owns a pretty good gutter company and he owns a house already. The name of my company is Landyman Landscape Maintenance. I currently own a 93 5.8 ltr ford bronco and a 6.5x10 trailer. i have an echo weed eater(brand new i honestly couldnt tell you the model at the moment) and 2 21" mowers a new husqy chainsaw and handheld blower. i currently only service 1 monthly account but ive stayed in business due to one time fall clean ups and mulch jobs.

    I have a business lisence, and $1,000,000 liability insurance all through my own name and my parents are not linked to anything. Im workin on getting a Workers comp policy, and my DBA is in the process. This coming spring i plan to bump up to 20 accounts. and i have hooked up with a few property managers who i hope to do some work for.

    I currently only pass out flyers and run advertising on my truck. This coming august i will have a 5"x 4.5" yellow book ad which i have already set up. I hope to get to know everyone here so that i can get good advice when needed.

    Im currently a senior in high school and i have class from 8:45-11:12 so basically i work part time during the week and full time on the weekends if i have the work. I plan on going to college and getting a degree in landscape design, but first i would like to see how my first spring pans out.
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    Congrats, I am a senior too. It must be nice to get out of school that early! What kind of mowers are the 21 inchers? I am sure the yellow pages ad will help.
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    one is a scotts mower and the other is a murray they were free and they run and they have sharp blades lol. Ya i have in school classes, then my 4th is a 10 minute seminar 1 time a month.

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