Just bought a 2014 JD920M 7Iron

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by southerntide, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. southerntide

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    Had to pull the trigger my Gravely about burst into flames this morning and the motor is spewing metal now will need a rebuild, but could not afford to miss a day of work.

    Went to this new JD dealership and it was amazing place inside and out. I never thought I would own one but the people there were amazingly nice and helpful all around.

    Demoed a few units ended up choosing a 48" 920M 2014 just came in from factory has no time on it besides my demo and loading on trailer.

    The deck and spindles on this thing are amazing.

    The seat is over padded and bumps are no concern considering coming off a 05 seat, dial o turn height, the 7 Iron Pro deck WOW :cool2:

    Here a few pics after I got it home we just had hail and severe thunderstorms, got it in the middle of the storms, everything at this shop deck level, pitch, and all the stuff most dealers don't do is done before the units are put on display.

    I could not resist the offer I got the price was better than I could imagine.

    So Gravely is going in storage till winter maybe for repair and will be a backup unit.

    We have lots of rain coming in and 3 fully packed days of work ahead so I will try to post my full review and everything with pictures of the cut as I find time to take some, this week.

    3 year full 1,200 hour warranty covers everything except blades and belts.

    I am 100% happy with this unit :weightlifter:




  2. weeze

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    welcome to the good side! :laugh:

    you will love the mower. i have a 2011 z920a 54" deck. i'm at about 600hrs now.

    i would suggest getting a suspension seat or kit to put on it. i got one put on mine and it made the ride alot smoother.

    also using G6 blades make this mower alot better. it cuts the grass into smaller pieces and bogs down the engine less in the thick/wet stuff. they are also cheaper to buy than stock blades.
  3. Ridin' Green

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    Mmmm....... congrats on your new mower, but I am a bit confused-

    Just a few shorts posts ago/weeks, you were bad mouthing the JD's durability and your local JD dealers. Now you own one. What made you change your mind other than the need to get something to keep working?
  4. southerntide

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    Weeze after 10 years almost on my old Gravely seat this thing is like a suspension seat to us :laugh: whenever I get it back running over winter I will meet up with you and let you take a ride on the old seats :dizzy:

    I friggen love this unit it's amazing not even hit one piece of grass with the unit we bought yet, it is soaked here there too I am sure but probably get out and work on the 8 hour break in in some wet grass cutting just a little off the top don't want to put much pressure with wet grass on break in time.
  5. southerntide

    southerntide LawnSite Fanatic
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    That was my Gravely Dealer man, I did say I would never purchase one but that was older models I used the new ones well will make you do a 180 if you were negative
  6. southerntide

    southerntide LawnSite Fanatic
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    Yeah I will try some gators I got 8 sets of blades for my Gravely out commission for time being guess I will have to try a couple different blades out on this now
  7. southerntide

    southerntide LawnSite Fanatic
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    I meant to post the specs of my mower as well I am running 23.5 Kawi on mine do not want a Kohler ever, give me DFI Kawi they need to be on mowers everywhere soon.


    To note on flat surface maintained lawn you can cut 10mph fully without missing a blade, and I do believe the current top speed of the new ones are 12mph

    Also the HD stamped deck is great hardly any build up from soaking wet grass.
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  8. kcotner

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    Congrats on your new mower! I have a new 930M with the 60" 7-Iron deck and I think it's a fantastic piece of equipment. You'll get many many years of trouble free service with your mower. Built like a tank on steriods yet super smooth and easy to maintain. Hard to beat the new Deere's IMHO - a great machine and a great warranty. Enjoy!
  9. vila251

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    Congrats! Lovin My 930M with 60' deck. Wish i had more grass to cut. Coming from a 800 series is night and day.
  10. ProStreetCamaro

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    Interesting. You didn't even make it to 2000 hours on the kawi on your gravely but here you are preaching kawi? And the kawi DFI is a joke as it doesn't save any fuel at all and in many cases it seems to use more fuel than the same engine with a carb. Kohlers closed loop EFI is 10000X better than that atrocity that kawi dreamed up. We have 3000 hours on the kohler on our lazer, had 3200 hours on the kohler on our gravely pro-50, have 1600 hours on the kohler 25 on our 160Z, had over 2000 on the kohler on the Goodall 52" walkbehind we sold. All of these still run great or still ran great when we sold the mower.

    This is one topic we will have to agree to disagree. :drinkup: I pray to god manufacturers dont use nothing but kawi. If that ever happens I will find another line of work to get into. Most likely in the IT field because I am incredible with computers and networks.
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