Just bought a Cat 268B - Advice for chaining down

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by flyingcircleg, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. flyingcircleg

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    So just picked up a Cat 268B and a Zieman 20ft beaver tail equipment trailer at a auction, as well as a spare bucket and backhoe attachment... Any advice on the best way to strap all this stuff down? I need to buy some chains and binders, already have 4 heavy duty ratchet straps from my car trailer.

    I was thinking getting 2 15ft chains and binders to tie the tractor down with and transport with the hoe on it, then strapping down the 2 buckets. Figured it would be easier to have the backhoe on the tractor than trying to tie it down. Or would I be better with 3-4 chains to tie the skid down with? Heading down next week to pick it up (7 hour drive) so any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Junior M

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    I am not sure about your area but the dot wants a binder on each corner. They don't care if it's one long chain. But it must be chained in a way that if one comes loose the other across from it won't come loose..
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  3. tbone1471

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    Depends on the officer that stops you and how they interpret the law. If I recall correctly the book states under 10,000 lbs you can a single chain across the trailer in the front and a single in the back but there are some stipulations on the type of equipment that this can be done with. Your best bet is a chain and binder on each corner of the machine. Use G70 marked chains. Also don't forget the chain and binder on the bucket. Seems stupid on most applications like having to chain down a dozer blade. But, if you don't chain the bucket down you will get a fine for not having the implement secured.

    I see a lot of guys using trailers that are to small and letting buckets and forks hang over the neck of the trailer. This is a very bad idea. You will also get a ticket for this. Not saying that is something you will do but I am just throwing it out there because it drives me crazy.
  4. F4rm3rj03

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    Checkout the North American Cargo Securement Standard.
    It is my understanding that standard is what you will be judged from. It is also great reading to develop a good understanding of how to think when securing equipment.
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  5. whiffyspark

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    Chains and binders. No ratchet straps to hold tractor.
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  6. Junior M

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    He said he was gonna use the straps for the buckets...
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  7. meets1

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    I chain and binder. I see it here all the time, straps over the bucket and that's it. I here oh I have parking brake on, where's it going. Or too little trailer for an 8+ k machine.
  8. Swampy

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    Unless your California, in our brief for doing WAREX out at Ft. Hunter Legit, we hauled our heavy junk on civilian roads. A binder is considered a chain, as goofy as it seemed 4 binders on the corners you were good to California Highway Dept. But heaven forbid if you have a few drops of oil on your trailer from the equipment your hauling.

    On the note check your local and state laws, some will state 4 chains 4 binders, or under 10,000 2 chains and 4 binders, or 4 chains and 4 binders crossed, etc, etc. In my eyes as long as everything is tied pulling it forward and backwards, your good. Just stop and check your chains and binders before you get on a freeway and every time you stop. Also in my opinion straps are only good for pulling loads vertically.
  9. flyingcircleg

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    I am in California... I called a buddy who works for a grading and excavating company, he said get 2 20ft chains with binders on all 4 corners, and to throw a chain over the backhoe bucket then ratchet strap the other 2 buckets down and I will be good to go.

    The trailer is a 16k gvwr deckover bumper 20ft with 5ft beaver, it should be fine for the tractor and attachments... I was figuring the tractor is right around 8000, the backhoe 2000, 4-1 900 and the regular bucket prolly around 400, which is cargo weight of 11,300, and the trailer is just shy of 4k lbs.
  10. MesaVerdeLM

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    What will you be towing it with?
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