Just bought a house with weeds for a lawn.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by houssic, Apr 1, 2010.

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    My girlfriend and I didn't pay much attention to the lawn when we bought the house. Now that we have it, I look at the neighbors in the "Wysteria Lane" neighborhood and all of their lawns are perfect so naturally I wanted to at least keep up with them.

    I am learning that I may have a few years to go.

    The lawn has empty patches from being under leaves and trees and it also has nothing but weeds right now since spring has started. I immediately sprayed Spectracide weed and lawn all over it then I put down a fertilizer but I didn't water it in since I wanted the week killer to kill the weeds first.

    I did this Sunday March 28th but I wanted to ask if anyone has any better ideas on how to get rid of the weeds. I think it takes about a week for the Spectracide to take effect. Some of the weeds are turning brown but most are still there. The st augustine is still holding on but I would like to get it to look a little niceer.

    Let me know if any of you have some ideas.
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    if its more then 50 percent weeds, it might be better to just nuke everything and start over. If its less then that, either see how your granular weed killer works or switch to a liq herbicide which will react quicker.
  3. houssic

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    I put down a liquid weed killer so I will try to see how that goes after this sunday. We haven't moved in yet so I still have an excuse for the neighbors. I will be moving in by may so I am hoping to make a dent by then.

    Anything else?
  4. sweetjetskier

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    The best thing for you to do is hire a pro who can handle all aspects of what you want to accomplish for your lawn.

    You will spend far more money and time on your own and not get results that you are looking for.
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  5. pt747

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    I had weeds galore when I got my house in '05. I sprayed through a garden sprayer. I had clover all over the place. It took me about 2yrs to get rid of all clover. Dandellions too. I used to dig them out, but just used Roundup to kill them off. If you have a huge area, kill everything, bring in new topsoil and replant. I had to do this in about 50% of my entire lawn. But wait a few weeks after total ground clear to do this. I also added a starter fertilizer along with some lime and milorganite at seeding. Dont skimp on the amount of seed you put down, spend the extra few bucks for the bigger bag and remember to water and apply straw. Some say straw causes weeds, but I got minimal weeds. Pay attention to your new lawn and monitor it properly.
    I also have spread some peat moss over new seedings with great results.
    Id recommend killing entire lawn and starting from scratch or getting a professional to do so, but even then, they dont know what thier doing!

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