Just bought a Lastec 73" 35hp Vangaurd

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by trainerboy, Oct 5, 2008.

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    When I worked at my local college we had a toro 72in front mount. I never saw any problems with scalping. We mow with it everyday and it was actually fun using that huge thing. Also, it was pretty flat there. We mostly mowed around 3-3.5 inches.
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    As I said in a reply to you in the other Lastec thread, my Lastec will go about 12 Mph. The extra speed of the faster Brands out there can be utilized by some cutters if their accounts are smooth enough, large enough and they're not cutting tough bahia sometimes bi weekly. It all depends on the mowing conditions and frequency on whether the extra speed can be utilized to acheive the desired quality of cut. If you're mowing any large areas that have undulations, contours, uneven slopes on ditches or other areas, the Lastec will give a better, more precise cut in these areas, no doubt about it. You can also mow around shrubs, trees, landscaping at a faster speed without leaving dips and/ or rings around them like most 72" midmount mowers would do.
  3. trainerboy

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    Thank you for the info, It really helps. I can't wait to fire that thing up and blaze a trail.
    I have 2 acres I need to mow tomorrow that will put it to the test. No trees, just a vacant 2 acre lot. It has some slight dips and waves that my dixon scalps if I'm running full speed, so it will really put this thing to the test. I'm going to even use a stop watch.

  4. puppypaws

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    Not true, I mow at 15 mph 60% of the time on a Hustler Super Z, 66" deck with flex forks and flex seat at 2 3/4". I have places I will only mow in one direction to move the grass off the mowed areas, some of these are 300' to 500' runs. I just turn around and go back in the same path I just cut, this is actually double cutting. The mower is so fast you don't feel like you are wasting hardly any time, slower mowers would drive me crazy doing this.

    This mower rides easier than any on the market, including Ferris. The only way to tell is to cut with a mower at 15 mph and there is not but three on the market, Dixie, Hustler and Bad Boy AOS model that is capable of this.

    You can get on a 12 mph mower such as a Scag TT and it will ride rough but if you stepped it up to 15 mph you could not stay in the seat. The flex forks and flex seat make all the difference, take them away and the Hustler would be hard to ride at 15 mph, you could do it but would be a lot more beat up. I mow places at 10 mph you would need to slow other mowers on the market down to 5 mph just to stand the jarring.

    I can promise you one thing, the 35 Vanguard want slow down for anything. That engine is so strong it will never change sounds with your 72" deck. Come back and tell us how strong you think the 35 is after you run it.
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  5. mag360

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    Faster speed actually rides a little smoother as long as there are no big bumps. 15mph in an open field with few imperfections will feel smoother than 10mph in the same field. It's when you hit the big bumps that you'd better look out.
  6. Apples

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    Did you get your mower? Is it as nice as you expected? Good luck with it!
  7. trainerboy

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    Got it. It is a MONSTER!!!!
    I didn't get to use it.....It started raining about an hour before the truck arrived. I just got to crawl around and under it to see how it ticks. I can say one thing, it has tight and responsive controls. I'm going to have to get used to the foot controls, but everything else is like silk. At just half throttle it rolled up my trailer ramp without the hydros even making a sound, (just a little test).
    Weather is calling for rain tomorrow too......this is my luck.

    I'll post an update after I knock out some lawns.

  8. jtkplc

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    The engine is definitely a monster. On my 72" Exmark XS, I can engage the blades at idle with the 35hp Vanguard!
  9. puppypaws

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    I want your honest opinion, on your 72" deck have you cut anything that fazed the 35 Vanguard? I'm talking about to the point of hearing the engine sound like it would come close to dropping rpms? How many hrs. are on the engine, is the fuel consumption extremely high?
  10. trainerboy

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    I'm going to get to use my new today (the one I got Monday that started this original thread). It's been raining since I got it but it is clear skies today. I have some really tall stuff I'm going to test it on, so I will be able to chime in on your question later. I know you originally asked jtkplc but now you'll get 2 opinions for the price of one.
    Everyone I have talked to running these big decks and 35hp monsters say that they run at a lower rpm (TRUE...mine hums much lower than my 21hp kawasaki on my Dixon) and with the bigger deck you get done quicker thus not running the engine as long. These two factors should bring the fuel consumption down to an average size ZTR with the average HP motor. I guess everything always depends on conditions.

    *****NOTE***** Everyone needs to remember that for every 1000 feet of elevation an engine looses 3% of its horspower. This will explain a lot of engine performance differences that people are having. This is also going to change fuel consumption in these engines. This elevation/horspower notification will be on your owners manual for the engine, not the mower and it is true for all gas engines, brand does not matter. However, I don't know much about diesels, that may not apply to them since they have such a high compression ratio. Someone else might be able to chime in on the diesel aspect.
    I know someone is going to chime in and call BS on this posting but it is just simple physics and IT IS noted on EVERY gasoline engine manual.

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