Just bought a Lastec 73" 35hp Vangaurd

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by trainerboy, Oct 5, 2008.

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    I don't think I've cut anything yet that has made the rpm's drop. I've tried to get the rpm's to drop by blowing all of the cut grass into the uncut area in really tall grass. Even then it doesn't phase it. I'm sure if I went through it at 12mph I would hear the rpm's drop.

    I just put 100 hours on it yesterday.

    I don't have any hard consumption numbers for fuel, however I'm using Ethos in it and if I had to guess I would say it's around 1.75 to 2 gph.
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  2. puppypaws

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    The big block Vanguards are unbelievably powerful, it is really hard to understand what they are capable of until you experience it yourself.

    Can't wait to hear your opinion after you see what the big block will do, I'll promise it will blow your mind.

    You are correct on the elevation analogy, people's lungs aren't as efficient as elevation increases either.
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  3. jtkplc

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    I was mowing the house next to me last night which went to foreclosure and it hasn't been mowed in 6 weeks or so. There were some leaves down and I was cutting off about 8 inches of grass. A few different times I was throwing grass/leaves 3 passes back. It blew my mind how far it was throwing the grass/leaves. That's about 18 feet and the Big Block never even struggled. Simply amazing.
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    I have never been on a Lastec, but from experience I will guarantee you will love the flexible deck concept. Your mowing jobs will be just a step above your competitors. Your stress levels will almost dissappear.
  5. trainerboy

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    You couldn't be more right about the stress levels dropping.....

    I just got in and got cleaned up from my new Lastecs maiden voyage.

    picture this.....you go to the zoo and while your looking at the gorilla's you see that the HUGE silverback alpha male is on a rampage of distruction, then at that moment....the railing snaps and you fall in the pit right on top of the silverback ticking him off 10 times more...............THAT.....IS HOW PETRAFIED MY LOCAL COMPETING LCO'S SHOULD BE OF ME!!!!!
    This thing is a must have for any LCO in my opinion. I don't care if you are so hell bent hard core for one specific brand (like some people I have been reading about) you should do your lawn care business a favor and at least demo one of these things.
    I mowed the 2 acres across from my house. No trees, just 2 joining vacant country lots, both with ditches. from the time I engaged my blades till the time I shut them off = 24 minutes & 43 seconds. I was cutting about 4" of grass off (they only want them done every 3 weeks). That was $100 for less than 25 minutes.
    absolutely no complaints what so ever. The deck, the motor, the hydro's, and the RIDE was all second to none.

  6. Razorblades

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    Brian, Congrats' once again on your new mower. How did it do on the ditches? Have you noticed that the seat height is pretty low on the Lastecs? Keep us posted on how it works out on the different conditions that you use it.
  7. mag360

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    Let us know how you do with buildup under the deck. The pictures of one of the machines for sale on their site had the underside of the wing visible and it appeared to be packed with crap.
  8. puppypaws

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    The 35 had no idea it was having to work because it never changed sounds. When you find something (if you can) to make the governor kick in; please let us know, I want to hear what it was?

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