Just bought a (new 2 me) 2000 Ford Ranger XL, What to do next?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by TimTim2008, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. TimTim2008

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    I just bought a used 2000 Ford Ranger XL V6 3.0ltr ,w 175k miles on it yesterday.. (Similar to pic above)

    Its in good condtion, as i'm a GM man (i have a 06 Silverado), and this is my first ford truck ever. I don't know much about the fords. and the truck dint have its owners manual.

    As soon as i got the truck home yesterday the damn serpentine belt cracked and broke off as soon as i pulled in my drive way. lol
    I picked up a new one this morning ($20) , and installed it today, and its running fine again..

    Just wanted to ask you guys what else should i take a look at or get done?

    1. Oil (duh)

    2. Should i change the tranny fluid? (with this many miles, or just leave it alone?)

    3. Rear differential Fluid?

    4. Spark plugs?

    5. PVC valve?

    6. Coolant flush?

    I got a $100 Autozone gift card for Christmas, boy will i blow thru that quickly. lol

    Anyone here done some cool mods to a ranger? (like those guys on cardomain?)

    Anyone have a maintenance schedule ? the owners manual didn't come with my truck.

  2. 2 clowns mowing

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    give it back and buy a new one. you will be pouring good money into this wreck until you die. new trucks are at a great buy now and you get a great warranty. don't buy another ranger at least buy a f-150 or f-250:cry:
  3. fool32696

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    Rangers are great trucks. I would only have bought a 4 cylinder though. I used to pull my 6x12' trailer with my 2000 4banger. The 4 cylinders are the most reliable and get great mileage for a pickup. I'd recommend doing all of the things that you listed and in addition all filters. Maybe even plug wires depending on the setup.
  4. TimTim2008

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    I waned a small truck for 21" mowers only.. i have a full size silverado for the big jobs..

    This is for the 2000sf-2500sf and smaller maint accounts..

  5. genesis215

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    Yep, the Rangers are great. GM's are too. But the Ranger sure beats the S10 for fuel mileage. The engine is only halfway to it's end if maintained well. The 3.0L V6 is bulletproof. They often go 350-400k miles before needing a rebuild. The transmission won't last that long in comparison to the engine (maybe 250k if you keep the fluid changed and level checked).

    Do change the transmission fluid and filter immediately as a precaution. Change the oil and filter every 2500 miles so the engine stays clean and gunk-free. Use only good quality oil such as Valvoline, and use anti-drainback oil filters. Make sure you let it drain for an hour before refilling. Spark plugs and wires are a good idea, but not absolutely necessary if it runs smoothly as is. Flushing the cooling system is a good idea. If you do these things now, you should be trouble-free for many miles to come.

    Finally, don't be afraid of 175k miles. I just checked out a 1-ton Ford with the 5.4L Triton in it with 272k miles (not a misprint), and it ran as perfect as the new ones do. So 175k is nothing to worry about unless there is obvious evidence of poor maintenance.

    Can't wait to see pics of your mods to the the new truck.

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