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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pottstim, Jul 8, 2000.

  1. pottstim

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    Hey Everyone,<br>Just wanted to say that I bought a brand new Shindaiwa yesterday, after I got off work.<br>It's the 22T model, and I got it for $199. This sound good? I tried it out on my folk's yard yesterday, and I love the thing! Sure beats the heck out of dad's 11 year old, bent shaft weedeater.<br>I think my next purchase will be a 6X8 trailer. A good friend of mine says he knows of a place where i can get one for about $475, this is brand new with a tilt bed.<br>Then at the beginning of next year, I plan on getting a commercial mower. Just wanted to let you know about my progress.<p>Tim<br>
  2. accuratelawn

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    You might want to remember the 22t is a homeowner model. It sure will do better than what you had.<br>I would not buy a tilt trailer. That was my first purchase.<br>When you unload your mower, everything you own will come sliding out. Gas cans, trimmer, tools, misc.<br>Purchase a larger tandem. It will serve you well as you grow into more and larger equipment.
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    I agree with the above post. Get a trailer with a gate. 100 times easier to unload. You can get a 5x10 used for about $600 easily.
  4. OP

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    accuratelawn,<br>Yeah i understand what you mean about the tilt trailers. I help some friends of mine mow sometimes, and they have a tilt trailer. The equipment (weed eaters and gas cans) will come sliding down when it tilts, but we eliminated all of that by strapping everything down. <br>I'll look and see what i can find with a gate. There are several trailer dealers here in this area. I guess i'm also going to have to look into getting a reciever hitch for my truck. It's a 2000 Silverado 1500, and it's got a raked stance. I want to make sure that my trailer is as level as possible.<p>Tim

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