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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by eltorohb, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. eltorohb

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    I just purchased a Cheetah 61in with a Kawasaki . I do have one question about the oil but I mainly want to tell why I went with a Cheetah . I have been using a toro zmaster .
    I had it narrowed down to three mowers Toro,Exmark.Scag . Toro / Exmark the same besides the deck . I futher more narrowed it down to toro / Scag . I ruled Exmark out due to the spindles being cast aluiminun with non greasable bearings.
    I was looking at both mowers side by side and man scag builds a tough looking mower . I was sold on scag's spindles and the replaceable deck wheel brackets and replaceable front end ( if it ever see's any damage ) . I was concerned about the room because I'm 6'2 but after letting the seat back and raising the handles it fit just fine . I don't have much seat time yet to give it a full review but so far I love this mower !
    Now about the oil in the kawai . I always used straight sae30 in the old toro . Do you guys switch out to 10w30 or keep it straight sae30 ? If you switch then why ?
  2. RSK Property Maintenance

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    i think the dealer puts 10w30 in my mower. pretty sure that's what it takes. I love mine too just wish i went with the kawasaki engine instead of the kohler. the thing is an animal, you will be amazed at how fast you can cut a lawn and have it look amazing, 16mph is cutting speed! you just need a semi smooth lawn other wise the deck will bounce and you will mis spots at 16mph. the suspension seat is nice but it could be smoother. the actually seat itself sucks give some time you will see. but the machine is quick and leaves a great cut even with dull mulching blades. lol oh wait that's what I cut with all year long no complaints yet.
  3. WilsonBoud

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    Like you, I went with the Skag Cheetah (61", Kaw 31) as well.

    The first Oil Change was 30w, but I ran across an oil special with 10w30 Mobil One Syn. at $5.60 a qt.

    SO, I purchased two cases, and intend on going with that for the next change. Because I expect to put about 45 hours per cutting season, the oil change will be once a year.

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  4. Valk

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    Many like myself will recommend breaking in an engine for 50-100 hours (after that critical 8 hour break-in oil & filter change) on regular oil before switching to synthetic. The belief is that the rings will better seat themselves by doing so.
  5. Meierznutz

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    I grabbed the same machine a month ago as a dealer demo. I couldn't pass up the price and my old Exmark was 12 years old. I was able to sell the old girl for $3000 and the demo still came with a 2 year warranty from date of purchase. It only had 175 hours on it. I was also able to get them to throw in the headlight package and tow hitch.
    The first night I had it I was driving by a local park. The town had put out one of those "your speed" radar signs....my 8 year old and I dropped the gate and took her for a spin...12mph in low and 16 {flashed 17 once} in high. Then the cop pulled up. "Really?" I asked him "What would you do? I had to see if the salesman was BS me".... He laughed!
    I had to get used to the machine as my line work went to hell with it. My old one had some slop to the levers and this one is twitchy coming off power. Once I cut with it a bit that went away. I have one flat lawn that I tried to cut in high gear... I couldn't believe how nice it came out! I did that lawn in 23 mins and it usually takes me closer to an hour with the old one! You will love this!
  6. RSK Property Maintenance

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    they are fast, people don't believe you can cut a 15 or 16mph and leave a great cut still.
  7. puppypaws

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    You will find most people cannot believe a mower will cut grass at 15 to 16 mph and provide a good cut, one of the members that post in this site on quite a regular basis believes the blades can't keep up when mowing at those speeds. I just let him believe what he likes, I have experienced cutting grass at these high speeds, meaning I know without doubt it leaves a good cut, if you have not experienced this type cutting, there is honestly no way to understand if it does, or does not cut without leaving uncut grass.
  8. Ridin' Green

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    Thanks for letting me believe what I like. :rolleyes:

    It isn't what I believe. It's what the math says. You can argue with math and/or science all you want to. I don't really care anymore. You know everything and those of us who do this for a living know nothing. We all see it in your posts. Many have argued with you over the course of this past season trying to explain things to you that you simply are too arrogant to accept. I know of several members that don't come here much any longer because of it.

    Your cutting conditions are so much different than many guys here, that for you to keep making these sweeping statements is just plain ridiculous. You simply won't be able to mow at much over 10 to maybe 12 MPH up north of your cutting area and leave a decent finish.

    Sure, on a long lawn the grass may be shorter than when a cutters starts, and "look" like a decent cut from a distance, but customers don't look at their yards from a distance, and they don't like seeing uncut grass or stragglers when they are paying to have it all cut. Doing that on a customers lawn is hack work, and guys who want to stay in business don't do hack work.
  9. echo

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    Every area is different and it seems you believe a lot of things that aren't true when it comes to certain equipment. No advice is better than giving false advice.
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  10. RSK Property Maintenance

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    I live in central ct. could be further north, but its certainly not the south. and I can cut at 15mph if the lawn is smooth enough and it you won't be able to see the small amount of grass it misses. especially with high lift blades and if your only taking off a few inches. I'm certainly not a hack job, and I have been cutting some of my customers lawns for 6 or 7 years maybe longer. all my lawns look great, no difference between my cut or any other professional landscape company in ct. some may have straighter lines, but that's about it. either way all my customers love how their lawn looks after i cut it, and they are free to switch company's any time they want, they stay with me because they like the quality they are getting and because the price works for them.

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