Just bought first house - lawn care/seeding questions

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by CTD_Crazed, Feb 23, 2013.

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    The yellowing grass around the Spruce Trees can be helped by blowing the short needles out of the grass andadding some compost to enrich the soil... extra fert and water are detrimental to shade areas under trees so I would simply get rid of the spruce needles that are creating your problem and add compost to enrich the soils that are supporting the grass as much as it does...

    If the tree with the "split" in the trunk is an Oak,,, it will outlive all of us... your big concern withthat guy is that his roots will shift and raise the floor of your sheds and it trunk and branches will harass the walls and roof of those sheds, forever...
    Even Box Elders get much larger before the "split" becomes a factor and even then,,, it seldoms does... :)
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    yeah, nearly every tree in yard is oak

    im also excited to say that i finally close on the house on fri mar 29 so i can begin to start making things my own
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    ok, house is finally closed and keys are in my possession.

    i also found out some of the trees on his property are dirty walnut trees. Id like to at some point get ALL the walnut trees removed as i dont want to deal with the nuts falling in my yard as well as staining my concrete and landscaped walk ways OR landing on and denting my vehicles!

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