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Just bought it


LawnSite Member
Northeast, Pa
I finally broke down and decided to get another piece of equipment. I have a Kubota tractor with the loader and the backhoe now, and it was hard to go to just a skid and not have the ability to dig, and an excavator is nice but doesn't move pallets of materials. I wanted to replace the tractor as the cost of keeping the tractor and a skid wouldn't work money wise, and if I was going to have two payments it would be a skid and an excavator. I couldn't justify the cost of both machines, so I stuck with the tractor. The biggest problem with the tractor was the inability to move full pallets of pavers and wall block. I was able to push them around, but once they hit the ground I wasn't able to pick them back up again. I could unload, and move them once.

Well, I think my problem is solved. I just purchased an Ingersoll-Rand BL-570 and the numbers look very impressive. I have to admit it isn't the best looking machine but it has an ROC of 3,406lbs on the loader, tipping is twice that and the bucket breakout is 9,370lbs. The backhoe is 8705lbs at the bucket and 5620 at the dipper. Looking at those numbers is compares to a full sized skid and the numbers on the backhoe are better then the Bobcat ZHS-435. It also has full time four wheel drive and four wheel steer, along with hydraulics both front and rear for some attachements. It has the bob-tach system and bobcat X-change quick coupler.

All this in one machine, I am not a big company but I am growing and I think it was a good choice. I would of liked a skid/mini-ex combo but to match this power wise would be $80,000 - $100,000. The machine is a 2005, but only has 67 hours on it and is in like new condition.

I will let you know how it performs for me and I will post a few pictures once I get it delivered. Check out the specs and let me know what you think.



LawnSite Senior Member
Ossining NY
good luck with it. looks like a nice machine


LawnSite Bronze Member
NE Tn.
good luck with your new machine. i think you will be happy.


LawnSite Member
Northeast, Pa
Thanks for the feedback.

tnmtn - I talked to you before about the purchase of a bl-370 back when they had alot of them for auction on Iron Planet. I missed out on an auction because I had to go to Chicago and pick up my truck. After that, there were no more that were close to me up for auction.

I am now glad that I waited because this is a much better machine and it is about the same price as the others. The only thing I wish it had is a cab but I am not sure if I really want one because I could see the glass getting broken, etc. The cab would only come with heat and I could see it getting hot in there in the summer.

I was able to pick this machine up for only $28,000 and they gave me good finance terms for 5 years so my payment is only a little over $500.00/month. I will be getting a 18" bucket and a 24" bucket for the backhoe and I know a guy who is selling a 4in1 bucket nearby, I will probably wait on the 4in1 for now but I will check it out and see if it is a good price. I will be picking the machine up on tuesday and I will try to get some pictures once I get some nice weather.

I got this machine for the hardscape projects, can lift full pallets and I can still dig with the backhoe. I go from lots of clay that requires extra digging to pure rock that is hard to dig in, so the backhoe is a neccesity. I am going to keep the tractor for a month or two because of the work I have, and I am trying to decide if it is worth keeping all together. It is nice because it has the 3 pt hitch and I can use it on other jobs that don't involve pallets of material. Keep it more for the softscape applications. I will see how it works out this year and if the work is there and I can swing it I will probably try to keep it.

I will let you know how the machine works out, on paper this machine is awesome but I can't wait to get it home and try it out. Take care.