Just bought my first exclusive business truck!!


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:clapping: We just bought a 1991 Chevrolet 1 ton, 12' flat bed w/ lift gate. It only has 61,000 original miles. It also has brand new tires. It is in mechanically perfect shape and from Arizona. I know it needs a paint job and it's old....but it's my first vehicle exclusively for business use! :cool2: What do you guys think? How should I put trimmer racks on it? Thanks for the input to come.






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I'm actually looking at one just like it but it has the full landscape bed with trailer ramp So no more pulling a trailer.
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Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
I'd consider something like that but only if I could increase my fuel mileage over what I'm getting now. Right now my 1995 F150 pulling a 16' trailer averages around 10.5 MPG. 12 feet is a long enough bed for my equipment.

I have grave concerns over where the price of gas is heading.


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It is diesel. 6.2 detroit diesel. Avg miles per gallon around 17 to 21. The crane was on it so we will see if I ever need it? Do you think I got a great deal at 2500? Paint job to come.
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Don't forget your DOT numbers! Not sure where you live so you might want to check on this. Nice truck. It should do well.
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I have a small crane on my 16' open trailer and use it a lot, It comes in read handy. But with a lift gate could be used in the same ways. Still a nice work truck.
I myself would not like to load mowers that hi off the ground if you going only use the truck for all service. Maybe you could adapted the lift to hold your mowers safely but the loading process would take more time than a simple ram. But like I said ramping on and off something that hi is not my thing.