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Just bought my first Redmax blower!!!!!!!


LawnSite Member
Springfield, Il.
I just bought my first Redmax blower 7001 and I absolutely love it!!!!! I have been running echo 620 and 603 and they have been good but nothing like the Redmax. This blower is more powerful, easier to use and much more durable. Just wanted to give my thoughts on this.
Good luck this year!

Darrin A.

LawnSite Member
Marlboro, NY
Glad to hear you like it. I picked one up this year too. Don't have a good place to store it so it's still in the box. I have to get it back to the dealer soon so he can set it up for me. This is my first back pack. Good luck with it.


LawnSite Senior Member
I have 2 7001s. Why not go for the upgrade?? 8000?

RedMax Man

LawnSite Platinum Member
Dracut, MA
Smart buy man, nothing blows like a RedMax.
I have 2 of their blowers


LawnSite Bronze Member
Cleveland Ga
They're good blowers. Bought one last year.

Matter of fact, just dropped it off at the shop today. Last week it started running rough. This week it started acting like it was gonna shut off/ cutting out about every 10-15 seconds. Today it wouldn't get to full rpm. Changed the spark plug and tried new fuel...no difference.

Hopefully it's nothing major and I'll get it back soon. Really s*cks to go back to the little handheld.


LawnSite Senior Member
There was a recall last year.