Just bought myself a new mower, a Hustler Fastrak 54"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TomCon, Jun 8, 2013.

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    hi guys, i had a thread open a while back to help me decide between mowers. i was stuck between either the Ferris is2000(a little steep in price for me, a 18 year old...), the hustler fastrak, fastrak Super duty, and a husqvarna ztr(not sure on the model).
    after some time and a lot of research, i pulled the trigger on the standard fastrak. i think it will fit my needs with the 54" deck. in my opinion the Super duty model wasn't worth the extra $1000. Im going in today to pick it up after they uncrate it. my price was $6000 with tax and 0% for 48/month but i didn't really try to talk him down to much. im going to try and get the flex forks before i sign any papers.
    im using this mower to replace a P.O.S. cub cadet lawn tracker that needed $500+ in parts to get running good. i mow around 15 acres of lawn that is split up between about 6 properties. now that i have a good mower, i plan on expanding and getting my lawn business going a bit. maybe 20 lawns by the end of the year.

    any of you guys run the fastrak? and did you splurge for the super duty or was your opinion the same as mine, not worth it for a canister air filter, folding ROPS, and dual gas tanks?

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