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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Albery's Lawn & Tractor, Jan 27, 2007.

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    So I just happened to walk into the loacal gravely dealer yesterday (I found what I thought was a deal on a '02 gravley 260z w/ 600 hours on ebay for $4,000) because I've never used them but was thinking about buying a used one. My first impression was holy $#%&!! The 260z is one huge mower. I thought my fathers cub cadet m60 tank was big but the gravley makes the tank look like a home owners model, not trying to knock tanks I still like them but the gravley is without a doubt built better. So after a couple of minutes the sales manager walks over and we start making small talk and he tells me this 260z is the last one he has and he needs to move it to make room for
    07's. Then he goes on to tell me that they marked it down to $8,000. Now at first I just assumed it was an ok deal and ended up leaving because we had other work to do. So Saturday morning I called 2 other Gravley Dealers to ask for a price. The first one quotes me $9,200 for a 25hp Kaw (mine has the 27hp kohler what I wanted) and the next dealer once I tell him what I found locally refuses to even give me a price and tells me if I don't buy it he will.

    So first thing Monday morning I'm going to pick it up. Can't wait to use it I am also getting a mulching kit and a stripper kit for it.

    What do you guys think of the deal good or bad?

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  3. Matts lawn care

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    Sounds good. You saved 1.2k and got 2 more hp with it!
  4. jtkplc

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    Well I bought my 260Z with 25hp Kawasaki in August of 2003 for $8400 OTD. I think you got a good deal.
  5. DiyDave

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    I ran a Gravely for 10 years. Be prepared to buy lots of parts and wait weeks to get them. Gravely won't drop ship parts to you direct even if you pay the next day freight. I've had enough of em I tells ya, Dixie Chopper for me!
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    Your entire statement is totally wrong!!! I am a Gravely dealer. Gravely has about a 99% fill rate on parts from the factory. In four years of ordering parts, I believe we have only had one or two items backordered in all that time. We get our parts from the factory, to way down here in Texas in 3 days. If the customer needs it right away, we can get next day shipping on anything we order.
    Gravely WILL DROP SHIP PARTS!!!!!
    The dealer simply checks a box on the internet order form and enters the customers mailing address. Perhaps your problem was with the dealer, not the Gravely/Ariens factory operations.

  7. Matts lawn care

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    Who was your dealer? Did you use J.P. Fuller? That is my dealer at the moment. Who do you use now?
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    [/QUOTE]I am also getting a mulching kit and a stripper kit for it.[/QUOTE]

    WHERE CAN I GET A STRIPPER KIT??????:cool2: :cool2:
  9. DiyDave

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    Matt: I used 3 different dealers, got the same line of crap from all of 'em, so my dealer is now Gambrills Equipment, although since I bought the Dixie, I haven't had to order any parts. With the Gravely, seems like I was always rigging something, and waiting for parts. I don't know the dealer above, but he sure has the company line down good, they are big talk, NO delivery.
  10. Mowingman

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    I don't know about any "company line". I am just stating facts. You may have had a bad experience with a poor dealer and an older machine. Just saying that the info. you presented about no drop-shipping and long waits for parts is just not the case in my experience. Our experience with the company has been very good, and our customers never have problems getting parts, on the rare occasion they need them. The newer Gravely machines are built like tanks.


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