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Just bought New Z148 Gravely

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lynns, May 13, 2003.

  1. Lynns

    Lynns LawnSite Member
    Messages: 9

    :) Hi my Z148 was delivered April 24th. I am very pleased with it.
    It has cut my mowing time in half or better, has a better quality of
    cut than my previous rider. Things that I like, the deck is offset to
    the left of the left tire by 4 inches, the hydraulic deck lift, large tires,
    good ground clearance to clear obstacles, plenty of power, blades will start with only half throttle doesn't even slow engine when engaging electric clutch. Has the Kawasaki "21"hp engine.
    I am wondering if some other members have one of these machines.
    The reason I bought the Gravely over JD, ExMark, Toro, Yazoo/Kees, Dixie Chopper, Snapper, and several others that I
    looked at are 1. Value , 2. Features 3. Longevity of the dealership, which by the way sells ExMark, Snapper, and Gravely.
    I Looked at every machine I could that is not more than 30 miles
    from where I live, I believe the Gravely is very competitive with several Machines costing more than this machine. I paid $5800.00
    plus tax of course.
    I am awaiting any response. Lynns Yard Service.
    JD LT155, and Gravely Z148, Yakamura trimmer, Poulen feather lite blower.
  2. wareagle

    wareagle LawnSite Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 18

    I just demoed a 148Z today and was pretty impressed. I was really wanting to look at a 152Z, but the dealer did not have any out of the crate yet so I tried out the 148Z instead. It handled very well and smoothly. I liked the hydraulic deck lift, air cleaner, and the hydro cooling fan. I also noticed and liked the fact that the deck is offset a little to make trimming easier. I wonder if the 152Z deck is also offset. The only thing I was not impressed with were the steering levers. While the machine was quite easy to steer with the levers, I did not like the fact the levers did not have a notch to lock into neutral with. I prefer levers that are hinged at the bottom and swing out to lock it into neutral. With the 148Z, I found it awkward to find neutral and therfore could not start the engine. I imagine that I would get used to it if I had one. I was told $5999 for the 148Z and $6299 for the 152Z. It sounds like you got a better deal on the 148Z than I was offered. Maybe there is some room for me to negotiate.

    I am also considering a 2002 eXmark Lazer Z with 52" deck and 20HP Kohler for $6400 (2 hours on it), a Bunton 52" deck with 19 HP Kawasaki and electric deck lift for $6200, and Ferris IS1000Z with 52" deck and 23 HP Kawasaki and front suspension for $6350.

    Any thoughts?

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