Just bought used Scag TT - 1st time owner - need maintenance help!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jwscarab, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. jwscarab

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    Hi. I just bought a 2004 Scag Turf Tiger. I am pretty good with mainatining my own cars - do it all myself. First time owner of a zero turn tho - residential use.

    I want to immediatly change fluids etc. It is a 27 Kaw l/c.

    I assume the oil drain is on the right side at the base of motor?? Any help on the antifreeze drain and hydros would be appreciated!

    Also, do you guys know the capacities?? Oil is 2.1 qt but what about antifreeze and hydro??

    I will use Mobile1 10W30 on oil on the engine and Mobile1 20W50 "motor oil" for the hydros??

    Any tips?

    I do plan on buying manuals but want to do this befor my next mow!

    Sorry for all the questions!!! And a big Thank you!!!!
  2. scagman52

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    Go to the scag website and you can download the manuals and parts list. I use 20/50 for hydrolic and straight 30 for the moter on my tiger cub.
  3. jwscarab

    jwscarab LawnSite Member
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    Thanks ScagMan. I did read thru those, but what I didnt see is much iofo on the engine, just the Hydro change. And it didnt give capacaties (unless I missed it).

    Thanks again!!!
  4. tjlco

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    I think hydro fluid you fill until the fluid reaches the bottom of the neck...thats what I have always done..and 20/50. The engine oil is straight 30w and my kawaski's take 1.8 qts, so double check that. I have 2 scags both have almost 4000 hrs, so it must work..lol

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