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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. FrankenScagMachines

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    Lovin' the Lazer... Its just plain bad!!! The thing is just so awesome... the quality of cut is amazing, and its not afraid to lay some pretty sweet stripes too... Its got a suspension seat, OCDC, and Sirius satellite radio with cordless sound reducing headphones, can ya beat that? The 27 Kohler isn't my favorite, bein a Kaw man I just don't care for the Kohler but it has plenty of torque and seems to be fair on fuel all things considered...

    Got a new Stihl KM110R 4 mix split shaft with trimmer attachment and also had a cultivator I purchased a year ago.. that 4 mix is a bad dude too! Torque of a diesel, a bit quieter, and due to the lower RPM's required to get r done, it uses less fuel and runs cooler so you don't burn yourself on the shrouds even right by the muffler (nice if you have to reach under a tree one handed! ) Also fires first pull warm or cold which is really cool... just an all around really sweet machine!

    My Dodge with the Cummins is still doing great, really love this truck... So much power, it doesn't know the mower is back there and one day we were landscaping hauling a dump trailer with 6 tons of soil in it, went over the scales over 22,000 #.... the truck was gettin a workout, but the engine wasn't... Just simply the baddest engines out there! I like the Dodge truck it's in too, I know alot of people will disagree but I really like Dodges and I think they build tuff trucks! And a pretty nice truck, this one doesn't have alot of options but I think it looks and feels better and nicer than the other brands' offerings in the same years... And I haven't had any problems on the truck either, having had it over a year and it now has 206,000 miles on it, really haven't done anything to it repair-wise... the engine acts like its just broke in! No leaks no oil burning, very reliable everything works perfect and always has... The truck operates and drives like a 75k mile one, not like it has over 200k miles on it..
    Plus after some tweaking, this truck is really quick hehe... ok thats an understatement its a force to be reckoned with haha...
    Ok sorry to go braggin' so much, I'm just proud of my poor-boy junk and pretty happy with everything, all in all I think its mostly been good investments...

    Oh yea, this is a pic of the first cut of the season on one of my yards.. last year the state re-did the highway in front of the house and tore up the front, so from that culvert dip-line up to the highway is all fescue sod that they laid last fall I never mowed it till this spring, and its still very rough so hard to stripe straight on it and it looks like it scalped in spots almost... but i'm pleased with the yard so far...

    Happy spring '06 to all :waving: :cool2: :weightlifter:


  2. topsites

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    But can you do some nice stunts with it? :laugh:

    If you haven't tried (I wouldn't, not with a brand-new machine lol) but can you feel it wanting to? :laugh:

    Some of my best ones are 1-wheel wheelies (thou this was mostly accidental) and flying over stuff / getting airborne, sliding good in a turn is fun and so is leaning on the 2 outside wheels in a hard turn (half the deck in the air) ... That's on a Wb, I can't wait to get into one of them really fast machines.
  3. lwcmattlifter

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    Hey Frankenscagmachines, I bought bought a 24V Dodge a few months ago and that Dodge puts my other diesel work truck to shame when it comes to pulling a heavy trailer. I wasn't too thrilled about buying a Dodge at first but this truck is really proving it's a better truck. It's going to be interesting to see how the Dodge holds up in the long run.
  4. FrankenScagMachines

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    topsites, when I had my Ferris Z I did some wheelies with it, pretty fun to come off of a wheelie and let the suspension flex a little haha... I'm not rashin on the Lazer... but its pretty sporty to drive, compared to a Scag, or well just about anything LOL. my friends with Scags drive it and they're like man thats the Porsche of mowers! It handles so nice and responsive and refined its wild...

    I am a bit biased since i have 3 whole and 2 parts Dodge trucks, but I like them well. The 12V motor is easy to make cheap power and the pump is very versatile. The 24V's let you do tuners, chips, programmers and that sort of thing that I can't do on mine... That said some of the baddest motors out there are 24V blocks with the mechanical P7100 mechanical pump off of a 12V engine.. I don't know which transmission you have in your Dodge but if it's an automatic, start researching the best places to get it rebuilt and beefed up because it will need it. If its a stick you're good to go, if you need any beefing up, a high performance clutch is about all you will need. If it is an automatic, put a tranny temp gauge on it, about $40 and good to know if its getting warm while towing... The engine's are phenominal... no others compare. enjoy the truck!
  5. Soupy

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    Eric, I thought by now you would have figured out how to keep those stripes straight :) Just messing with ya, looks good.
  6. Envy Lawn Service

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    Being really pleased with a mower AFTER having one that was not up to par is 3 times as sweet.
    What a relief it is to shed the aggrivations, plus be really happy.

    For me, eXmark is sweet, and Lesco is even sweeter.
  7. FrankenScagMachines

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    Thanks Soupy haha.... Now if I had a decent camera that actually captured the colors and lighting properly those pics would look a whole lot better, but oh well.

    Envy, I agree, always good to get a hold of REAL equipment built for EVERYDAY use and some abuse, that delivers top quality results and productivity...
  8. battags

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    I haven't been on LS in a while and have missed a lot of your posts. It sounds like you are doing pretty well for yourself.

    I remember reading so many of you posts from long ago and some of the problems some members have given you over the years. I must admit that it is pretty cool to see you doing so well.

    Keep it up!

  9. South Florida Lawns

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    Dodge trucks are nice, getting a new one in a few days.

    3500 single rear wheel, long bed with standard cab, 24v, work truck package and 4x4.

    Then get it painted flat black, hells yeah its gonna be pimp on 47'' LTB swampers, mounted on Hutchinson D.O.T street legal beadlocks anodized black.

    Watch for pics soon.
  10. Idealtim

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    No, whats fun is doing a full speed, full throttle spin on asphalt. I have done one to the point you can smell the tires and the gas was coming out of the tank cap. Really bad for machine though, only do it once in a while...

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